Fairphone OS on other Android devices


Since the Fairphone OS is open source (code.fairphone.com) is it possible to build the OS for other phones?
I especially ask for the OnePlus X since that has the same Snapdragon 801, so afaik it should be possible.
This Thread is about talking about the possibility of building Fairphone OS for other Android Phones.


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As @sjjh says here it is most probably illegal to use the open source code from https://code.fairphone.com on another device than the FP2.

@Stefan, I have to correct you here, I believe. I did not say that it is illegal to use the open source code from http://code.fairphone.com. The other way round. It is imho illegal to use the binary blobs linked there. But the open source code can be used on any phone (under the terms of the respective open source licenses).

So what does this mean? I have no idea, because I don’t know what is in the binary blobs and I don’t know what is in the open source code of Fairphone that does not belong to the stock android code. Someone would need to dive in the code first to clear that up. Or someone from the Fairphone team will for sure be able to answer that question to us.
I would assume that the contents of the binary blobs are drivers and stuff close to the phone hardware while the open source code by Fairphone contains apps like the peace of mind app, but this is just a guess!
So depending if you (legally) can get hold on all the drivers needed for any other phone you are free and able to flash it with an stock Android and then could also include the Fairphone apps that are published under an open source license.

Again, I’m no lawyer, I’m just writing my personal understanding and opinion here!


From what I’ve seen now, FPOS contains the following modifications from AOSP :

  • The (unlocked by default) bootloader is slightly different from what I’ve seen so far, it only shows the bootup logo and waits for fastboot commands. You don’t need that on another phone.
  • Binary blobs are specific to the FP2, so you don’t need them on another phone.
  • Custom animations for boot and charge which rock and that you can port easily (at least for the boot animation, it’s only one .zip file in /system).
  • Some apps were added :
    • iFixit which you can add from most appstores
    • The FP2 updater app which you clearly don’t need on another phone
    • the notifications app and privacy level checker. I don’t know if that can be easily ported, but I’m building the open-source FPOS right now. I’ll have a look at the built apks.
    • The launcher, which you can easily install as a apk.
  • Also there are some buggy icons for the wifi indicator and “no sim card” status indicator, which you probably don’t want anyway.

EDIT : The Fairphone Launcher works on other devices (I tested it on an android KitKat phone). It reports that “yes, there is a physical camera button” which is fun because it doesn’t have one. The “most used apps” is included, but the “Most frequent contacts” isn’t. Here is a link to a build I made of it (disclaimer : you’ll have to trust me that I made no modification to the app, and I believe that doesn’t infringe the app’s Apache v2 license at all, please advise if it does). You will need to allow untrusted apps before you install it.

The Fairphone Privacy Report doesn’t work out of the box though, I guess you’ll have to install it through unconventional means (and most probably as a system app).

EDIT 2 : You can find FP2’s “My Contact” widget here.