Fairphone OS 17.12.1 is now available

Besides the KRACK vulnerability was fixed by an update on 24th October, prior even to the 17.10.2 update.

As to your problem.
I am unfortunately lost, as the update worked absolutely smooth for me.
I guess nothing else has changed besides the update; as you surely would have checked that (new app installed, new router …).
Are you on the Fairphone OS or OOS?
Just hope, some technically able person can help you.


Have you rebooted the phone already?
Sometimes a simple reboot helps with any connection loss.


I presume the Open version update will come later again?
The updater still says that my Fairphone Open 17.11.2 is the latest version.

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Thank you, AnotherElk! I rebooted the phone and now it works fine again. (I must admit that I feel a bit stupid now. I should have learned that updating helps already years ago with Windows… :wink: )


No problems after update

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It might be a hardware issue; please test the display with Checkup (built-in under Settings -> Maintenance).

We are working on it - will come ASAP.


Thanks for the help. The problem disappeared as fast as it came up without any actions from my side. Everything fine now - except the battery problem still remaining.

Hi, since i upgraded my fairphone 2 to OS 17.12.1, most of my apps crash after a while (2-3min). I have to wait until i get this message “The app isn’t responding. Do you want to close it?” Is this a common problem since 17.12.1 ? How can i fix it ? Thank you !
(My fairphone is new i have it since september and it has well worked until now, i didn’t change anything after the upgrade)

Do your apps have something in common (e.g. use of Bluetooth or GPS)?

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No pressure, no rush.
I just wanted to make sure my updater was working properly.

My suggestion for future announcements: Include a statement about both Fairphone versions, e.g. “Fairphone xx released, Fairphone Open xx to come in about 3 weeks”.

Usually that’s not necessary as lately both OSes came at the same time (I remember the last few times I always updated the #oslist for both OSes at once).
Something unexpected must have happened this time and for unexpected things it’s always hard to lay out a timetable.

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No, and i almost always have bluetooth and GPS disabled.


Works fine here. Didnt detect any issues with it. Updated from 2017.11.x

Hm, my updater still says I’m up to date with 17.11.2. How do I convince it to refresh?

Version 17.12.1 has been released for Fairphone OS, but not for Open OS (yet). Maybe that answers your question. :wink:


Second occurrence of this now at least … which reminds me …

Well, it only seems to become a problem when the releases are too far apart like with 17.12.x now.

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