Fairphone OS 17.05.2 (Android 6.0) is now available

I’ll have to wait anyway because my battery needs charging. :grin:

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This is not funny anymore! :rage: This “escaped” update brought again a bootloop and I had to reset my FP2 again.

This may help to avoid the bootloop:


To be fair it wouldn’t have mattered of this escaped or not, you’d have had this issue. Although I was under the understanding that if you had the latest version of the Fairphone updater app installed you wouldn’t get this problem.

So which version of FP OS were you on before the update and have you checked if there is an update in the play store for the updater?

I updated. Went totally smooth and much quicker, than I expected.


Yes we were a bit slow to post the release notes today.
Rick handles that but he was not here and I forgot… :confounded:

The update is officially released, do not fear to update (but please be aware of the boot-looping situation):

The June’s update will feature a fix for that though.


Thank you for the infos, @borjan! :slight_smile:

I updated without any problems. Thank you for your work and effort, #TeamFairphone. :relaxed:


Fairphone OS 17.04.8

Yesterday, yes. When I switched on WiFi today there was the Updater App telling me of a new Update and as I have told here:

At least until now Fairphone pretended to be sorry for the mess they do … This was the second time I had to reset my phone because of an “escaped” update.

I’m not sure I understand… The updates don’t install automatically. I would generally recommend not just accepting any update without reading the change log. And especially not if you’d experienced a boot loop the last time you updated.

Anyhow let’s hope it is truly fixed and not just a workaround next time


Well, I got notified by the last official productive updater app (beta mode) that I had my Google App disabled and update would work only if it was enabled and directly offered me to open the appropriate settings. After doing so, all went well. Thanks @borjan :slight_smile:

I disagree. Updates should be so trustworthy that users can install them – without fear. Should users waste their time by checking changelogs and forums for side effects before installing every update?

Note that you will not receive the benefits of an update if you do not install it. And an update normally does not make things worse.

I only recommend not installing an update if it makes severe problems. But new severe problems are normally not in the changelog, this can only be found out by checking the forums. In the case of experiencing severe problems, you can check changelog/forums before updating whether these problems are gone so you can save the undo of the update afterwards.


Just installed – no problems. But no advantages, too? :wink:

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Depends :wink: .


Where can I find the change log. I updated today without problems, but I do not find any change log on the fairphone page, nor in the phone´s app,
thx for info,

You can find the release notes for Fairphone OS 17.05.2 here:

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Install Fails in normal and advanced Mode: I always get a Dead Android with Message “Fehler” (Error). No Error Number at all. Different WLAN (at home and at Work). Had to switch off by pressing 10 seconds Power Button (or waiting about 2 Minutes then the Phone starts by itself). I really don’t know why updates fail since Androis 6 (had also massive Problems when installing Androis 6). I Think i just wait till someone find a fix, today i don’t have time to test more.



My phone says the update takes aprrox 4 hours to install? Is this normal?

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Sorry to hear that you had that situation again.
As I said, it is not fixed in this update, beta-testers will see the fix in a couple of weeks.

It does not make the bootlooping-after-disabling-Google-App behaviour worse, it just did not change it. The same restrictions from 17.04.8 still apply.
If you decide to disable a system app, things might break as Android informs you.

Yes, it has been acknowledged with the April update but not everything can be fixed right away - we can only do so much at once.
Our primary focus is on monthly security patches. Whatever we have time to integrate in, we do. I am sorry you had yet the same problem though.


If you are talking about the download time, then it depends on your connection speed.

If you update from Android 5 (Fairphone OS 1.11 or Fairphone OS 1.13), the update file is about 500MiB.
If you update from Android 6 (Fairphone OS 17.04), the update file is about 200MiB.