Fairphone Open: Why the effort?

Hi community,
there is something I do not unterstand. Why is Fairphone and the community putting effort in Fairphone Open OS, wehen there are still open mobile phone OS out there?

We can unite our effort for an open OS for as many phones as possible to achive the best open OS out there that is able to compete with Apple, Google and so on, can’t we?


I assume you are thinking about LineageOS. Many people are already using LineageOS (I don’t, because as far as I know LOS isn’t rooted per default, and I don’t want to waste much time with backing up my data and moving to LOS, but I’ll maybe do it in the nex weeks nevertheless) and actually I also think it’d make much more sense if FP supported LOS officialy instead of sticking with OpenOS, but maybe there would be some problems with the G00gle certification if they did. Because, as we all know, G00gle is a pain in the butt if you try to avoid it.

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LineageOS is, indeed, not rooted per default but can be with a very simple thing to do while (or after) flashing the ROM.

Otherwise I totally agree, I don’t really see why so many resources are put in OpenOS while LineageOS allows you to do without (or with) Google apps very easily.

More generally, I confess I don’t fully understand why (how) LineageOS works very well being Android 8.x while Fairphone (Open) OS has only very recently moved, in pain, to Android 7.x.

Edit: I may have my answer: the google certification. But anyway, LineageOs is working so well.


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