Fairphone Open on FP2 (old?) not running stable

Hi everyone! Just bought a FP2, and I think it is an early version: Android 7.1.2 Processor: Qualcomm MSM8974PRO-AA.
Installed Fairphone Open, now got problems with just using the phone basically for calls. Is it possible, the hardware is not able to handle the newest built? It seems like getting stuck and works again after a while. This is unbearable, I just need the phone when I need it!
Would be very glad for help or information! Greetings! Dada

Running the latest FPOpen here, runs smooth. Have you tried reflashing? Something may have gone wrong in the process, leading to a broken OS.


@robbert.f: thank you for your reply! I will try this then. But might also be a hardware-damage? the slim-case is deformed due to heat, so maybe the processor got something as well from that event? Is there a way to test it?

It could always be hardware damage - there’s no easy way to test that in this case other than doing a reflash.

You mention heat damage; I’ve reflowed core modules in my oven that, when turned back on, are slow to the point of unusability until I reflash the OS. I’m not sure what causes this, but for all three motherboards I’ve treated, all recovered fully after a reflash - not after a factory reset, mind you, only a reflash.


You might also try to flash other OS (FPOS, /e/, LOS, older version of FPOOS) to see if that’s stable. This may give you a hint to decide if it’s a HW or OS problem.


where can I download the package for an older version of the fairephoneOOS ?

I’ve just checked and sorry, on https://code.fairphone.com/projects/fp-osos/user/fairphone-open-source-os-downloads.html there seems only to be the most current version.
So maybe it’s better to try if a different OS system.
Anyway I’m convinced that an older FPOOS would not help - I’ve never seen any report that newest FPOOS version does not support older FP2 HW (afaik there are not really older and newer core modules with relevant difference).

would mean: HW damage is likely?

what would you recommend? is /e/ a light one?

Still to be checked, e.g. by different OS.

Yes. And LineageOS is even “lighter” as it comes without microG.

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Thank you! I decided to flash /e/, as it is said to be more caring for privacy issues.
What is microG then?

microG is a tool mimicking the Google framework. So it is in use for a lot of apps using this framework e.g. for communication, localization or similar tasks. In /e/ it’s adopted to communicate as little as possible with Google (I assume in the internet you’ll find a more detailed and accurate description of it…).

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ah, ok, thank you!
…got problems to install twrp… its difficult to boot into the recovery since the volume-button is not working so good anymore

You can also connect it to a computer, switch USB debuggung on and enter adb reboot recovery in a terminal to restart in TWRP.


Hi! I managed to flash /e/ and unfortunately the problem hasn’t disappeared. Means: the phone seems to run too slow to deal simple actions like answering a call when ringing or taking photos. the programs just stop working and I have to wait, close them and start again with good hope. Could that be a problem of an overheated processor? And can that be fixed by exchanging it?

Could be, if we are talking about just the newly installed OS having this trouble without any Apps installed by you which could have this effect.

Could also be trouble with an SD card. Do you have one in the phone?

The processor is part of the core module. This can be exchanged, if you can get your hands on one e.g. in the #market, but it’s the most expensive part of the phone. With a repair job by Fairphone it would be this much.

just installed telegram and F-Droid, don’t think thats the point.
no sd-card.
So this was it. I bought a broken Fairphone on ebay… not fair at all…
For I’m running out of money now, I’m forced to buy a cheaper phone, alas.

A potential way to check where the issue could lie would be to have a look at your top memory users.

Go to

Settings > Memory > Memory used by apps

and have a look what your memory use looks like. As a reference: my FP2 runs smooth like butter, and the list looks as follows (three hour average):

Android OS    579 MB
K-9 Mail      142 MB
System UI     130 MB
F-Stop        116 MB
Signal         80 MB
Android System 78 MB

trailed by various other low-intensity apps.

If your list looks fundamentally different, i.e. there’s apps using tons of memory, you may have some weird stuff installed. If your list looks similar, with the system using a couple hundred megabytes and other stuff using significantly less, there’s a real chance you’ve got hardware damage, sadly.

more like this one…
I asked the sellers, they say, it had lain in the sun too long, so the edge of the slim-case deformed plastically as to being too large now (it’s about 4 or 5 mm extended). Might this be enough heat to damage the processor as well?

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