Fairphone Open 18.04.1 is now available

Fairphone Open 18.04.1 is now available. You can get it through the Updater or by downloading it from Fairphone Open downloads.

Security Fixes

Please note: Due to missing platform vendor specific patches, the Android security patch level has only been raised to February 1, 2018. Protecting our users is our top priority, and as this month’s software update addresses some important security issues, we have decided to not wait with releasing this month’s update. We are working closely with our platform vendor to address the remaining issues as quickly as possible.

Edit (@borjan): Swap around the patches for December 2017 and January 2018.


Just for the record: Is Fairphone the only company which is in need of security updates for Snapdragon 801 powered devices? Aren’t there any patches developed anymore? This would be rather sad…

Looking at the December Android Security Bulletin you’ll find CVE-2017-14904 under Qualcomm specific vulnerabilities. So there might still be some development.


The update went smoothly. Thanks for the update.

As a fairly recent Fairphone owner (maybe a year, soon?) I must say I’m impressed by your release cadence. It’s an important piece of the puzzle of keep the Fairphone usable and relevant for a long time to come.

If I would ask for anything more it’d be transparency as to what is missing for the security level. Which CVE’s are missing to raise the level to March or April now for example?

Keep up the great work!

EDIT: Phone’s now happily running 18.04.1, update went without a hitch!:slight_smile:

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Eventless update here, two phones.

Update went without any problem for me too. Great job again, thanks!

The update from I think December 2017 to the April 2018 version went without a hitch for me, despite using Xposed on top of FP Open.

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