Fairphone Open 18.03.1 release

Everything ok. Thanks

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Same here: update installation worked flawlessly, thanks!

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Thanks for the update! :smile:
I just have one question: after every update my recovery has version 3.0.2-0. ive to update twrp then again to newest version 3.2.1-0.
Is there a reason why you don’t provide the newest version with the updates?

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Quoting from the #bugtracker, issue #72:

The new version of TWRP requires an Android 7 tree to be built in, our tree is on Android 6.


Update worked well for me


Smooth update here. Needed to reinstall Xposed though.

The update installed fine, as usual!

This note hasn’t changed for a while. Who is the unresponsive vendor here, Qualcomm? And have they stopped supporting the hardware, or will we actually see an up-to-date patch level eventually?



Hi. I have updated to FPOOS 18.03.01 too, and for the moment everything is ok.

Update went smoothly for me too.

No problems for me either.

First of all: The Update went smoothly and F-Droid is running now with privileged extension out of the box. Thanks to the developers :clap:

@7adietri: You can watch the actual state of patching spectre vulnerability in FP2 patch for Meltdown/Spectre
For cooling down in the meantime this proper post of @Roboe is bringing some things in its true light: Fairphone Open 18.01.1 is now available

@Antimailer The “missing vendor patches” note has been around since before Spectre/Meltdown, IIRC. But either way, a bit more information from the Fairphone team would be appreciated. For example, what kind of vulnerabilities are remaining unpatched due to the missing patches (in addition to which vendor is slow to fix, of course).

Update from 18.02.0 to 18.03.01 on encrypted phone went well.

Update fast and easy ! Thanks guys !

but still struggling with daily crashes. It began 2 months ago, get really worst before 18.02.0 update, and now it’s only 2-3 times a day always when openning facebook :thinking:
-sorry to use FB, I know it’s bad :flushed: -
I’ll try to use FaceSlim to see if it gets better.

Test without Facebook, it’s an extremely invasive app and causes unexpected behaviors with the FP Open.

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I’m really surprised !!
I uninstalled FB and move to FaceSlim just yesterday and the difference is HUGE :crazy_face:
No more crash !! NIL !!!
and Batterylife back to “normal”, FB was draining over 10% battery life in 10min, now it s under 5%…like it was few month ago.
FBapp is really F#*k#d :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Glad to find back a normal usage of my FP2 :grinning:


This app is criminal, believe me, it phones home about basically anything you do with the phone. And is a battery hog. Wonder what are they doing with all the information they collect… :roll_eyes:


Not just the app…

I always thought Twitter was the main culprit for Trump being president, but now we know it’s mainly FB’s fault.