Fairphone Open 17.11.2 is now available

Flashed this version today. Worked fine this time even the method is quite time consuming. But today I wrote down some notes what I did, which fit to my settings and my level of knowledge. I hope this will help me to speed up the next update.

For those who are interested …
My facts:

  • FP Open
  • no Gapps
  • Xposed (XPrivacy is the only module I use)
  • AFwall+
  • currently not encrypted as I would like to use Snooperstopper again and I’m afraid that I will run into this issue again.

My update notes:

  1. Backup backup backup … oandbackup (app+data) of all apps + TWRP Backup before doing anything. Just to prevent data loss if something goes wrong while the update

  2. Download latest manual.zip: https://code.fairphone.com/projects/fp-osos/user/fairphone-open-source-os-installation-instructions.html

  3. unzip and remove that the recovery.img flash part, that it will not be flashed to an eventually older/outdated TWRP recovery version: ✏[HOWTO] Upgrade FPOOS without overwriting TWRP (don’t forget to delete the recovery.img from images folder, remove it from SHA256SUMS and MD5SUMS files as well and replace the checksums of the flash-for-unix.sh [make it executable in advance] with the new generated checksums)

  4. Flash procedure itself:
    -Prepare like described above
    -Go offline (disable WLAN and mobile data) and disable xposed framework and afwall+ (optional but maybe safer) → reboot
    -Boot into fastboot e.g. via „adb reboot bootloader“
    turn it off and use the hardware buttons → press „power Button + Volume Down“ (test connection via „fastboot devices“)
    -Flash the update via „flash-for-unix.sh“ (it should not flash a maybe outdated TWRP revocery.img after the preparation under point 3 - this is more important when the device is encrypted, but maybe Fairphone added a newer TWRP in the meanwhile, not sure)
    -Boot into TWRP recovery → press „power Button + Volume Up“ for some seconds
    -Flash latest version of all modifications you use (here xposed framework + fdroid privileged extension)
    -Reboot to system.

Notes which might be interesting if parts of the procedure are not clear anymore:

Thanks to all who provides a note listed above. This really helps. :wink: @StephanK, @freibadschwimmer, @random, …