Fairphone Open 16.09.0 is now available

Does this update fix the infamous 1970 clock bug ? That’s really all that matters to me right now.
A phone is no good as long as it takes 10 minutes to fully boot, and yes that does include knowing the time and date.
I would like to be able recommend the Fairphone to my friends but this won’t be the case as long as I cannot turn it off at night and let it wake me up.


No, still not. The only workaround so far is to use the wifi which loads date and time much faster!


No. But if it was solved, your turned off phone wouldn’t wake you up, anyway. That’s a feature only available on some chipsets, and it’s not part of AOSP —which is the base for both FP OSes.

Good to know, thanks. Still a pity, though.

Sorry, I read your post too fast and didn’t get to this point. As @Roboe explained, there is a solution: set your phone on flight mode, as it is supposed to use less battery than switching it off and on again.
@Roboe: I wouldn’t say “solved”, as your phone won’t wake you up if it reboots during the night. This bug needs to be fixed.

I was just mentioning the hypothetical case in which the bug was solved, :wink:
(I was one of the first persons who overslept due to the clock & reboots combo of bugs, :frowning:)

This is the problem with FP2: it hasn’t been reliable with any of the OS proposed. It’s really a problem not to be able to trust your phone for basic features.

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My findings since 16.09.0:

  • Situation with proximity sensor improved.
  • Since 16.08, there is no longer TWRP as recovery available. Can anybody confirm this?
  • Still a few random reboots from time to time.
  • Clock resets after reboot is still there.
  • During a call if phone get locked or phone app in background, the microphone is on mute. Can anybody test that?

Clock reset and andom reboots are really annoying.

Thanks for reply,

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Mine didn’t do a single reboot since 16.08.
And before it was only now and then. Nothing to worry about.
It serves as an alarm clock since February. I vaguely remember 2 situations I did not wake up, don’t know if it was the phone not ringing or me being tired and :sleeping: ignorant :wink:

Nevertheless the resetting clock after reboot is annoying and I would love to see it getting fixed soon.

Other than that and in my personal usage cases the phone proves to be rock solid :+1:

TWRP is still there.
The microphone error you described does not show up here.


FPoOS 16.10.0 finally solving that would cause such a good push in our trust on our devices and, by extension, on Fairphone itself.
Come on, guys, this bug has been live for six months (May 2016) already…

I’ve personally had patience and faith in you, but I’m starting to lose them, honestly, and I don’t like it that way, :frowning:


I understand your frustration. As I said before the clock-bug can have dire consequences if someone oversleeps, misses medication or the phone reboots, looses time and renders GPS unusable. The reason that this does not get fixed has in my opinion nothing to do with a shortage of support people because the devs are (hopefully) a different team. I can only see this as evidence of very badly set priorities in bug fixing. I am still missing a proper bug tracker that replaces the current “chinese whispers” communication between developers and users.

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Yesterday I experienced my first reboot since latest update. I also have a huge crazy pixel problem with left bottom side of the screen flickering so much phone’s inusable. (I guess it’s the known bug related to brightness).

I don’t agree with that. We cannot know if they are (an they are, most probably) using an internal one. I don’t blame them for not having a publicly accessible bug tracker, which is their decission, but for not fixing a six-month critical error.

I agree with you in everything else stated there (consequences, “priorities in bug fixing”, etc)

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Sadly I have to say that with this update I have problems with my phone.
Suddenly I have reboots, the clock bug. Now I have problems when I place a call. I can hear the other side, but they can’t hear me. Strangly when I am recieve a call, there is no problem.
Hopefully the next update solves this behaviour.

Just updated. Nothing special to tell after flashing Gapps and Xposed.

Good job guys. Hope you can also fix some bugs like the video focus issue with the next update…

Hi. I’ve got a message from updater that 16.10.0 is available but no message on the forum. Did anyone update?

Affirmative. Just updated to 16.10.0. Everyting is alright. Curious to see if they improved something from our wishlist.

The announcement for 16.10 has now been made, please continue any discussion over there:

This topic will close soon.

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