Fairphone Open 16.08.0 is now available

Btw: I can confirm that the QuadRooter check now says all vulnerabilities have been fixed


Good news!!! With FairPhone Open 16.08.0 I tried again to connect an USB keyboard via OTG cable to the phone. And now it works really fine!
Now I have ordered a cable, that I am abel to connect keyboard, mouse and charger to the phone.

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ah, that explains why the recovery crashes trying to load the charging animation when the phone is shut down and connected.

Since everything is using electric current to transfer data in your intended setup, please don’t be alarmed when you can not use keyboard and mouse while the charger is plugged in unless they are bluetooth devices.

I thought the same, but expect the hub to be smart and supply charge to the keyboard and mouse too.

that’s not the issue. the micro usb port will receive power which equals a big fat ONE, there is no room for data. fast charging is done by short circuiting the data pins in the usb port to enable higher charge transfer than the 500mA of the usb v2 standard.


Oh, didn’t know that. Thank you for the info! It’ll come handy when I buy one of this cables, :smile::+1:

Is that a common design bug for this kind of hubs? Because I expect those rather common usecases to be taken into account in the design phase of this kind of cables.

its a design “flaw”. you either send power or data, but both is electricity, sooo…
however a smart charger might detect periphery and pulses the power, but thats toxic for battery and the phone’s usb controller.
the fp2 has an usb 2.0 5-pinout on the back, it could be possible this way - could as it may be just a fork from the port on the bottom.

Probably one of the OSs you flashed did not use the strange codeaurora timing system but set the actual hardware RTC so now you do have the proper time, because the delta between RTC and the OS is almost zero. It would be interesting if your system switches back to the flower power years when you take the battery out, wait some times and replace it - means reset your RTC.

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I can’t wait for the specs of the back connector to come out then, using micro usb to power the phone + the back connector for mouse and kb could prove great.

the specs are usb 2.0, and the pin layout has been found using a multimeter. its somewhere here on the forum, but i dont have a link.

the only issue is, no 3rd party manufacturer is interested in supporting a mere 100k to 300k devices.

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IIRC the “power in” pin was not figured out yet was it ? I’ve seen people putting a usb port on the back of the phone too, so a DIY solution is already available.

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Today I experienced my first random reboot… I was not doing anything particular with my phone…

The updat Fairphone Open 16.09.0 is available.

there is no “power in” as far as i know. there are 5v pins and ground besides data.

got the pop up when climbing into the car to get lunch for the crew at work, installed it and am happy i didnt need to flash a recovery fix.

Just checked on dirkvl’s Github, there is

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