Fairphone Open 16.08.0 is now available

Updated from 16.07 without problem, no visible regression on the parts I’m using. Thanks for the effort of maintaining this Google-Free flavour !

updated from 16.07 open OS and it seems to work without any problem (but i didn’t try the calling volum issue yet, which is real with the former version).

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Hi All
Old bug, is back with this “update”…
see here…
Old Bug fixed in 16.06 is now with 16.08 back–>FP doesn’t charge, but freezes when turned off.

lg ivi

Hi everyone!

just wanted to let you know, that after the update to 16.08.0 I’m stuck in a boot loop: On every reboot the phone tries to “optimize the installed apps”. I suspect this has something to do with the pico gapps package I have installed.

Good that I backed up before updating…

Have you made everything according to the update guide for modified FP Open OS phones.


Thanks for your information!

No, I simply used the updater as I was used from cyanogenmod. I’ll guess I’ll have to try the complete procedure then.

Another satisfied customer here. The update went smooth through TWRP, my battery life has not decreased and WaveUp works again after sensor recalibration. :grinning:

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Same behavior here. Charging worked in 16.06 and 16.07 but not in 16.08.
Charging is only possible while the phone is powered on. Otherwise it freezes and I have to remove the battery.

The 16.08 upgrade was offered by the Updater app and went well.
Only after the reboot there was a strange popup showing my mobile number (see screenshot). I have never seen this before and it did appear only once.

I cannot confirm: I currently have a “Non Open” Fairphone at hand and the clock also didn’t survives the reboot and just fixes itself once the internet connection becomes available.


Update went smooth. I used the new manual method, after commenting out the dangerous fastboot -w line! :warning:. Could you please ask for the user input before silently wiping out their device? :pray:

After applying my patches (Needle for microG, AdAway, EmojiOne and increased LCD density), I was surprised to finally found fixed the screen blackout on boot and the proximity sensor issues. I hope the 16.07 exclusive random reboots are gone too! :pray:

Good work, guys! :smiley:

Maybe you could just pm disable com.fairphone.setupwizard via ADB (or from a root terminal)? (I don’t know right know what is the multiuser policy for disabled apps, it may not work)

Edit: no, it doesn’t work, I tried with a guest account, : /

Yesterday update via updater went perfectly. After shutdown in the evening I plugged in the charger. The led was red the initial screen (FAIRPHONE powered by android) was displayed and no charging display was shown. Even long pressing the power button didn’t switch the phone on or off. I plugged off for the night, the battery drained and tried again this morning with the same behavior of the phone. Now I removed the battery, plugged in the charger, put in the battery again and the phone started and charges. Do I have to let my phone turned on for a whole month waiting for the next update in order to be able to charge it meanwhile??? This really can’t be true…

Just out of curiosity.
Why don’t you like charging your phone while it is switched on?
Is there a technical advantage in charging it while it is off?

Do you have TWRP? I think the bug could have to do with the recovery.


After following the update guide and reflashing the google apps after update I got out of the optimization boot loop.

Thanks for your help!


Well, I always shut down my phone at night, just to reduce the whole power consumption and to inrease the lifecycle of the phone and the battery. But of course you are right if you would tell me that night-charging means longer connection of the charger to the public electricity…
Of course only when the battery is near emptiness. Otherwise my phone it’s just turned off at night.

But back to my point: is there a work around that makes it possible to charge my turned-off phone?
Do I have to start the charging process before shutting off?

Should this issue be seperated to an extra thread?

You can charge in recovery mode (not turned off, but probably more power-saving).

Maybe @moderators should open this thread again?


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After I have upgraded to 16.08 successfully, happend follows…

  • All folder with files (except “Android”, “Lost Dir”) disappeard from SD Card.
  • I create a new folder with Amaze. After reboot folder disappeard.
  • I connect via USB with my PC and create a new folder. After reboot FP2 disappeard newly created folder.
  • I create a new folder via Open Camera. After reboot disappeard.
  • Changed 3 other SD cards. Same behavior.
  • I installed SDFix app which mentioned in this forum says that my SD card already writable, there for no need this app.

Any ideas? Help?

How can one send a bug report? Anybody know this?