Fairphone motivation! (University project: Call for experiences)

I got a Fairphone because my previous phone (Nokia C5) had to be sent in three times and still it was noflt fixed afterwards. I wanted a longer lasting phone and that’s what I got (with some minor compromises); my Fairphone 1 is almost 3 years old now.

Now I wouldn’t want to get any other phone anymore because I wouldn’t want to miss out on this awesome community!

In Dec. 2014 @EvaS and me organized the first-ever Fairphone community meetup and soon after we, together with @paulakreuzer, founded the Austrian Fairphoners. A lot of other groups have formed since then.

Their community-focused approach makes Fairphone, as a company, very special and different to most other companies. From the beginning they have been providing this very forum for the community to discuss and they have been very open to community events, supporting us with stickers, t-shirts and other materials (have you heard about the new community FP2?).

If you go into CSR eventually, please help building such a great engaging company culture.