Fairphone Modular Powerbank - Fairbank?

As my Rugged Outxe Solar Powerbank unexpectedly stopped working (After messing around with USB power LED light stings), I started wondering could Fairphone, by utilizing their existing supply chains, develop a modular Powerbank? They already have a replaceable battery, so just build a powerbank around 2-3 of these batteries and maybe make it more rugged/waterproof. In comparison with Smartphone hardware and software development, developing a powerbank hardware and marketing it could open new markets?
Powerbanks might have even a tougher life than phones themselves and once they “break” often these is even less support than for smartphones. For many smartphones you can at least can get some 3rd part on eBay and the likes, while for a powerbank that is rarely the case?


There are many powerbanks that let you use 18650 instead of proprietary Batteries.
With those you can reuse for example the good batteries from a dead laptop or powertool Battery.
The charging board kinda replaceable because it does the same in almost every powerbank.
(Ignoring stuff like flashlight or solarmodules)
If its the usb-out that is damaged you can solder a new one on it, or go to a repair shop and have it done.
Build your own and reuse / upcycle old Batteries.
(Can’t recommend any specific because I use my powertool batteries with a adapter.
Be careful and know what you doing if handling Li-Io Batteries)

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I had a similar thought and was about to create a post with that same suggestion. A modular powerbank would mostly add value since it allowed me to swap butteries and charge the depleted one outside of my fairphone. As it is now, I could buy a spare battery and swap, but I’d have to charge the empty battery later inside the phone, basically doubling charging time. With OP’s suggestion, I could oursource Fairphone charging into said powerbank altogether. Looks amazing to me.

And potentially Freephone Battery formfactor opens up some adiditional potential regarding the dimensions of the Powerbank. And the modularity with all the LEDs, PV Panells, QI charging and other bells and whistles can all be optional.

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