Fairphone model identification

Hi all,

Has anyone an idea how can I identify if a handset is FP3 or 3+?

I bought a brand new sealed “FP 3+” which subsequently everything identify as FP 3 - the OS; a third party app (Phone Check and Test); and the phone external appearance.

In all probability the sale was fraudulent in passing the discontinued model for the current and slightly more expensive 3+ and this way making a better profit.

For the “last word” I contacted the Fairphone support, bur bizarrely, after several messages, screen shots, IMEI, Serial Number, etc. the “Support” is evasive and refuse to definitely identify the phone…

What company is this?!? De facto aiding and abetting the fraudulent sales of it’s own products? Any manufacturer, from electric toothbrushes to cars and heavy machinery is happy to and readily identify their products by the Serial number, but not Fairphone…

I am absolutely stunned!

The differences between the phones:

  • a different back cover: semi-transparent with white letters for the FP3, opaque with unpainted letters for the FP3+ (due to a switch to recycled plastic)
  • a different back camera with a dual flash LED and a silver edge around it
  • higher front camera resolution
  • a new speaker amplifier on the core module

The first two are visual and can also be seen on the pictures of the FP3 and FP3+ on the shop.

As all of the modules except the core are exchangeable, you could turn any FP3 into an FP3+ or the other way around - in which case only the amplifier makes a real difference, and I don’t know how to check the amplifier type. The camera types should be visible in Settings > About the phone.


On my FP3+ it’s in Settings → About Phone → Model & Hardware → Hardware Version


Well well…, I don’t know if these external differences hold true since I actually have 2 handsets, one definitely FP3 and the new supposedly 3+, and they are absolutely identical - matt opaque backs with unpainted logo; and the camera window with a thin silver “frame”.

The Support sent me a pic of the 3+ camera window and it is split by a diagonal, dividing half black half silver

Spot the difference …

The slim sides of the FP3 are also black translucent (slightly), the FP3+ slim sides are opaque just like the back cover.

Side note: The FP3 back cover and the FP3+ back cover are perfectly interchangeable, in other words you can always put the FP3 back cover on an FP3+ and vice versa.


Mines - again identical - show only this

Sure, precisely because the 2 models can be cosmetically indistinguishable I contacted the manufacturer for the supposedly quick check by the IMEI or the Serial, but, alas, no luck

Well, I think you only accept confirmation of your scam theory here, so I’ll pull out here.

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That’s amusing!

The real confirmation is what the OS sais , it identify the phone as FP 3

As you are sure, go back to the seller and confront the seller with this.

That is precisely what I did though the game is apparently on a bigger scale - the thread leads to a supplier .

Anyway, I don’t care that much is it 3+ or not, it fulfills the purpose that I wanted.

I was only baffled how unsupportive the manufacturer support can be.

Here is what the app Phone Test and Check shows

we believe you. this is just a user forum, so what should we do now? We can neither help you with the seller, nor do anything about Fairphones response.


As @qrdnyce showed in post 3 above ~ also try using the dial pad *#*#66#*#* then Service info > Model info you should see the FP3+ as the Model. If you don’t see that then the core Model is FP3

Pretty simple really :slight_smile:

By the way the 12M Rear camera is a Bayer 4 x 12M (48)


Thanks for the tip, but on both of my phones it yield of no result. Probably because I am with a different OS, Lineage, and yours is with the Fairphone

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By the way, its interesting that yours which is 3+ is with 12/16 MP cameras and mines are listed with 12/13. Perhaps this’ a tell tale…

Wikipedia list the differences between 3 and 3+ as having 12/8 vs 12/16 MP cameras; and having slightly different batteries - 3600 vs 3000 mAh. Both of my phones have the larger.

So much of playing Sherlock Holmes… hahaha

Maybe you could provide a link to the Wikipedia article?

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There is no difference in batteries. I have never seen a larger battery than 3000mAh (listed as 3040mAh):

In the Wiki, it’s called 3060mAh, not 3600mAh. Maybe depending on the manufacturer.

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