Fairphone keeps crashing

Help! My Fairphone keeps crashing about twice an hour without me doing anything. Usually I’d just take it out of my pocket to use it only to see a blue screen with the white Fairphone logo (who knows how often it happens without me noticing it). I’ve no idea what’s causing it, but this is starting to be bothersome.

I have a second batch phone with FP OS v1.8 installed on it.


Does the crashes occur only when you carry your phone in your pocket? Or does it happen also when the phone is lying flat and idle on a table?
In the former case I would suspect that you involuntarily press the Power button without noticing. Or maybe you use some kind of casing that interferes with the button?

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I have the same problem, with all OS since FP started (1st ed). Switches off even when left idle on the table, then I wonder why no one calls me for hours…

First I thought it might happen every time one of the apps automatically updates and needs restart, but that’s not (or not always) the case.

One other thing that irritates me: FP resets itself to default settings every now and then (format of date/time, use network provided time zone tick on/off, time period of active display etc) and - here is really my favorite: - it loves to add a weirdo selection of cities to my digital clock that stubbornly don’t disappear even when I manually untick them.