Fairphone just went off and didn't start or load


A few minutes ago the image on my Fairphone’s display went blocky and frozen out of the blue. After a few seconds my phone goes black and I wasn’t able to activate it, restart it etc.
Already tried to remove the battery for a few seconds and press the Power-Key + Volume- for a few seconds.
Even the light on the upper right is not glowing if I plug in an USB cable for loading.

As really nothing happened right before to the phone, I really don’t know what could cause this problem.

Has anybody any idea what this could be or any suggestions for me to try out?

Hi and welcome to the forum.

You may have poor contacts between the core module and the screen. You could try to remove and replace the screen.

So was the battery status before this happened.

You may benefit from searching the forum for more ideas.


Unfortunately the fact that the LED isn’t lighting up when it’s supposed to be charging is a worrying sign (and I think it rules out a contact issue between core and display). How long did you try to charge it?

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Not really long, like ten minutes or so. Thought if there is no sign of life, longer loading makes no sense…

Could just be the battery. Plug in and leave to charge for a couple of hours.

How old is the battery?

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I’m with Urs sounds like sudden death


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Yes of course it looks like sudden death but there’s no harm in exploring other possibilities.

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