Fairphone is not visible in the Android Device Manager

After the Update to 1.6 and reinstall the Google Apps i cannot see my FP in the Device Manager anymore…

this happened after every update but this time this solution does not work for me anymore:

any ideas?


Hi there @drcyber

Didn’t answer the question. Will try and provide better answer.

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I presume you mean the device manager in Windows, when connected via a USB cable?



EDIT: Woops, I did not carefully read your title. Mistake on my behalf, I will see if I can find something else.

no i mean the Android device Manager, where you can locate or even remotely reset your Android Phone…


now i realised that this time i dont even see my FP in MY Devices in the Browser …


Mine seams to be working fine… Maybe try and restart your phone, and try and enable the GPS first on your phone.

(This might need to be replaced to ‘bugs’, if the problem persists.)

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Thanks for your quick answer, is there a way to completly remove GApps and reinstall them?

Hi @drcyber,

Perhaps you should check if they’re actually installed. Try dragging the “Google Apps Installer” to a home screen and confirm they’re actually installed.

Now I’m thinking about it, did you re-add your Google-account in Settings > Accounts ? All your accounts get deleted after updating to Cherry 1.6. Check this first and see if this resolves the problem.

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Yes they are installed , i also installed/updated some Apps from Playstore without Problems… but i cant remote install apps from the PC-Browser cause FP is not in My-Devices List…


Did you also check if your Google-account is still connected?

Yes it is connected and syncronised, but as i plan to change to unified storage partition , i will reset the whole phone and look if it resolves my Problem.

Thx for your help anyway!

I did not know that service. But as gps doesn’t work, I’m fine. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, this looks like a bug, when you try to synchronize the gmail account via settings it fails with “the process com.google.process.gapps has stopped” so it looks like it is crashing on the synchronisation.
My phone does not show in the device manager also.

I think they may be aware of this already, but I have flagged this up to support as a bug.

i repartitioned my FP and now The device Manager is working again. :smile:

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OK, I have also upgraded to the unified storage although I had repartitioned recently in 7/7 GB and was not keen on having the re-install hassle again. Enfin it worked and indeed the Google synchronisation works again.

I have had an update from the support team - they are aware of this problem and it is under investigation.

We seem to be getting them fixed through updates and reinstalls, so hopefully that will do as a workaround in the meantime :slight_smile: