Fairphone is not starting anymore

My fair phone ist not starting anymore. Suddenly it turned off. And now if I want to charge it, nothing happens (no charging light). Instead a light blue screen occurs for a few seconds and than it turn black again and this goes on and on as long as the battery is inside the phone. I removed the battery and tried to turn it on without battery just with the charger but it didn’t work. I even removed all the simcards and nothing worked. So I don’t know wants the problem. And I tried all buttons but nothing is happening. Once I managed it to get into the recovery mode and a fallen android figure appeared with “No command”. But afterwards I can’t go on with the Hard reset. I even tried other chargers and another battery of a friend with a fairphone. Nothing helps. Can you help me?

Do you think your power button is fully responsive? Or does it only work sometimes? Did it reliably work before it turned off?

In the last 6 month the power button sometimes needed a few seconds to react if I want to have a look at my phone. But just sometimes and if I want to turn my phone on now at least a blue screen appears… So I don’t really know if the power button is the mean problem. What can I do to check if the button causes the problem?

Has it occured that your FP1 started by itself when you put the battery into it?


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Yes the blue screen is coming and going as soon as the battery is inside…

ok, then my (and Stefan’s) assumption is most likely right. You will need to find a repair shop (locally or here) to have a look and probably repair your power button (that is, the power button inside the device, not just the black button on the outside).

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I think you were right. I opened my fair phone a few minutes ago and it looked like the power button wasn’t sitting completely right. I but the power button back to the right place and now my fairphone is working again! Thanks a lot!


It might make sense now to perform a Battery Reset FP1 (see #batteryguide). Your battery must have suffered countless deep discharges (bad!), so you better re-calibrate it.

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Yes thanks, I already did afterwards a Battery Reset. Thanks for your help!