Fairphone investment

Is it just my wishful thinking or has crowdloaning actually picked up pace again after a temporary slowdown right after the 1 million mark? :slight_smile:

Well, I would guess, that the slowing down might - at least in part - be caused by the weekend?
And I would say, that it’s still slower than in the beginning, while the recent rise in shares should still be enough, to make it to 2 million; not so sure about 2.5 million.
I wonder, what the next week will bring. :wink:

Really think its NECESSARY to invest. Just for my own interest!
Manufacturing-Quality, Service, Software needs improvement
(New detail: Updates? It WAS working with the beginning of FP2. And now?).
If you looking in this forum, how much people have MUCH service experience (and not only good one) and their 2nd/3rd hardware: Everything in the company (<> movement<>?) seems to crying: Help!>Time!>Money!
If you want to use the phone longer than 1-2 years, you need Displays and updates.
[As a FP1 starter: Batteries…] [[And as a FP2 owner: A iron will not to count reboots.]]
And without this forum… Would be a company right now still exists?
Maybe its possible to get a little bit money with it, maybe it will be zero return. But it could be very important to use the phone still in 2-3 years…

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It seems, the investment is raising steadily, being at more than 1.32 million now. The number of person investing a higher amount is rising as well. And the average for those 14 investors is still around 30,000 Euro. I guess it’s due to advice by oneplanetcrowd?
With 15 days to go, I would not expect 2.5 million to be reached, but 2 million seems realistic.
But who knows, maybe there is a really large investment already fixed and they don’t show it yet, to motivate other investors.
(Just thinking, as I remember they did so on behalf of the FP2, adding 2,000 (not sure about that number) overnight and I know other pages using counters in a similar way.)


Does YouTube automatically transcribe the audio? It shouldn’t be difficult with recent technology to do speech-to-text, though might all be proprietary software/services/algorithms.

It does do automatic transcription, but editing is usually only available to the video owner (though it can be set to allow community contributions). Outside of the editor, the subtitles contain a lot of tags and text duplications (when text jumps from line 1 to line 2) and little punctuation, so not exactly an easy read (though with enough patience you could build a parser that replaces colour tags with names, removes tags & duplications…)…

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Btw, I was thinking a bit more about this whole thing, and I’d say compared to a Kickstarter or Indigogo this is far more fair and transparent. You know what you’re gonna get whereas the other ones are made to lure you into a discount price or FOMO.

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Kickstarter and Indiegogo are platforms (normally) used for presales. This Fairphone thing is a real investment. It has the seriousness you will expect from such a thing.


Getting close to €2 Million


The 2 million mark has been (b)reached :slight_smile:

Congratulations so far, Fairphone :+1:


The flow has greatly accelerated since Fairphone sent out another email last night. 300000 in little more than 24 hours, now even the maximum doesn’t seem impossible anymore.

I guess there will be some champagne & celebrations when the Community meets staff on wednesday and thursday.

Update tuesday, 14 Aug, 1 pm CET:
The crowdloaning limit of 2.5 million looks like it will be hit any time this afternoon. :star_struck:


And yes, we have reached the 2.5 million.:star_struck::star_struck::star_struck:


Awesome!! :star_struck: Happy to be one of 1827 Funders. :tada:


Me too!

I was hesitant to share I am investing, but now that the pool if full, I am happy to share that I am part of that next step for Fairphone. :grinning:


Same here. Can we have a badge for investors?

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I don’t see the need for a badge. It would be a signal that you had enough money to be able to invest.
What about the people who did want to invest, but just didn’t have to money to spare?


I am completely fine if there is no badge. I didn’t think too much before I posted. However, I think making an investment is not just about showing off with your money. There are so many possibilities to invest money. Therefore, I believe it’s remarkable that 1827 people choose to invest in Fairphone above everything else. As a consumer, you can use your money to vote: by buying a Fairphone instead of an iPhone you send a signal how would you imagine a better world. In contrast, as an investor, you make your decisions not based on how you would like the world to be, but on how you actually believe the world will be. I am sure there are people who really like the Fairphone project but believe that the company will not do well. Those will certainly not invest. But those who do certainly believe that Fairphone will continue to improve the world a tiny little bit.

What about the people who did want to invest, but just didn’t have to money to spare?

Anyway, once again I realize how trapped I am in my cozy filter bubble. I would have assumed that anyone can afford to loose 250 € (the minimum investment amount).


That´s half a FP2 :slight_smile: which may be lost some day.

I would had rather bought another FP2 for €550, so at least I would have had something to use in my hands. But my priorities are different atm.


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