Fairphone Instability

My Fairphone is a DISASTER!!!
I bought it from The Phone Coop in England specifically because I planned to spend time in Australia and the dual SIM setup seemed ideal. However, since 27 January 2015;

  1. Refused to run popular Wifi app ‘The Cloud’
  2. Been rejected by my Barclaycard App as ‘rooted’
  3. Apparently cost me over £13 for unwanted data usage
  4. Repeatedly changed ‘time zone’ ‘time format’ and sometimes ‘date format’
  5. Repeatedly commenced dialing IN MY POCKET
  6. Set off an UNSCHEDULED alarm at 01:30
  7. Sometimes opens with ‘Gallery’ or ‘Photos’ app on screen
  8. Switches to ‘Airplane Mode’ without being asked
  9. Cuts into phone conversations, dials as above and then opens ‘Voicemail’ for the other party
    The Phone Coop tell me I must either return the device to them for assessment, or contact Fairphone. Returning the phone to UK is hardly practicable, so this is to ask for advice.
    Are there any Fairphone Agents in Australia who could look into the problem? I am in Sydney at present, and do not intend to return to UK for some time.
    I look forward to responses PARTICULARLY if e-mailed to me r.w.sloan1@gmail.com or bob.sloan@phonecoop.coop

Sorry to hear about your troubles, but remember that this is a forum for FP users, not a direct link to customer support. You should therefore state your issue here:

That you currently live in Australia creates some additional trouble, though, since FPs warranty policy has limitations when it comes to shipping, repairing and returns from outside Europe:

My guess is that at least some of your troubles are caused by your phone being unvoluntarily activated in your pocket. You could try to prevent this by changing your screen lock settings, or maybe use some kind of case that prevents accidental press on the power button.

The wifi app ‘The Cloud’ (I guess that this is the one called ‘FastConnect’ in the Google PlayStore) does not seem to be without flaws, to judge from the reviews posted there. So maybe the FP shouldn’t be blamed for the dysfunction.

@BobS Sounds dissapointing. Some errors are well know to me and were all related to the proximity sensor, the think that should turn your screen off when our making a call, not working reliably. I used to do all kind of stuff with my ear touched the display while it was not turned of, amongst others, activating the Flight Mode (awww - i hate that!), changing the time zone or setting other language. This is probably due to thew quick settings getting opened and buttons pressed by my ear. Especially the Flight mode is very prominently placed their.

I can say it got better with time, i seem to subconsciously holding it right now though i still think the proximity sensor is the worst part of the current FP. I experienced it works better with shorter hair tough the idea of getting a haircut for a phone to work is pretty strange :-). What helped me was turning the screen off manually by shortly pressing the power button as soon i got a connection when making calls. Annoyingly but effective. Or try to cover the sensor (small circle directly left of the earspeaker at all times.

Good luck!

Most of the issues you are reporting are already being discussed on the forum. Please use the search function (little magnifying glass above) to read more about them.