Fairphone in your pocket? (Is FP2 too big)

What I thought ;). I’m using a (slowly-dying) Xperia mini at the moment, which I bought because it is just that.

Re: Cases: I was also considering Feuerwear. I like the whole concept and the design as well, but their cases do add bulk, which isn’t exactly what I want for for this behemoth of a phone. So I’ve been looking at (tough) paper sleeves and narrowed them down to paprcuts and mapbagrag. The big Paprcuts sleeve is just about the size of the FP2, just a wee bit smaller on one side. Might be a fit, might have to squeeze, might be too tight. I think once I’m over the sticker shock I’ll probably go for a custom-sized Mapbagrag. A custom Mapbagrag “open” is €37 (just mentioning this because their EN website seems to be broken; I can order a custom “open” model on the DE website just fine, on the EN website this option appears to be missing).


Great Information, I was unaware about this.

Yes this is a real important topic (especially for men). I wear my FP1 always in my trousers because I don’t want any bags etc. Over the time the On / Off button of the Fairphone became more easygoing. As consequence it reboots sometimes in my pocket. It would be better to place the On / Off button at the side and not on top. As a consequence of my problems I decided never to buy a 5" smartphone although the FP2 would be exact what I need (2 SIMs, LTE, sustainability). I’m still looking for a 4,5" smartphone with Dual SIM and LTE and good quality …seems I have to wait :frowning:

I don’t know about LTE but the other two criteria are met by your FP1 :wink:

Regarding your problem with the on/off button: does it occur when the FP is upside down, i.e. the switch pointing in direction of your feet or the other way round or both ways?

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I did some searching for a belt case and didn’t find any from recycleable materials alas (Feuerwehr didn’t have Fairphone sized belt cases, most things I found (be it from felt, bamboo, reused bycycle tires or like Feuerwehr reused firehoses) where pockets or sleeves without a clip to attach it, so you’d still need a pocket to put it in.

The 3 belt cases I did found are on regular webshops (I was explicitly seeking for Dutch shops, or at the least with a Dutch interface and payment methods). What I’ve come up with, I posted in the Cases and Sleeves topic:

I was thinking about a belt bag for running to be able to wear the fairphone at work. There are many of them (just google “running bag” if you’re interested) though I hope the belt bag won’t be too notable.

(btw it might seem that I am promoting this specific belt bag, but it’s just one I found on the internet. There are many others)

I use this: http://fitletic.com/product/mini-sport-belt/?attribute_color=Black
It will solve all yout problems!

I surprisingly like this. Do you also use it in your everyday life?

[Maybe we should move this to the other topic about pouches for the FP2]

I also find FF2 way too big, it’s not practical, not handy, doesn’t fit in the pocket, that’s the only reason why I won’t buy one :sunglasses:

Katie asks me to tell you that she thinks her head is on the small side. So the Fairphone 2 might appear a bit bigger on this picture than it actually is :smile:

Really nice to have so many links in one post to nice cases and pouches! @huskers we should indeed group these!


I confirm what @Douwe is saying - Katies head is quite small, haha. And next to that she’s holding the phone at the very bottom, which makes the phone seem longer too. But if there is high enough demand, I’ll recreate this photo with someone with a more regular sized head :wink:

Seriously though, I agree with @Ed_Bycroft that the Verge’s article is a good one for reference.

And, I was also a bit worried about the big size at first. But it fits in my pocket just fine and I got used to the bigger size pretty quickly.


I thank you, Michiel…

I second that motion and bump this thread because another one just popped up. :wink:

[edit] I see you’re way ahead of me :slight_smile:

I made a wiki post. Please add your suggestions to the collection: :slight_smile:


And in case you’re still hung up about thickness, don’t worry - Apple has decided to make it fashionable again. Get ready to see a lot more Quasimodo-esque phones around, guys…


The Paprcuts case is not too small. The FP2 fits the maximum size. I have just ordered it, and we will see by practical experience. :slightly_smiling:

I also prefer a compact phone. I’m currently still using my ancient Xperia U compact. I was thinking about replacing it with a new Xperia compact until I heard about the Fairphone. But, but, but - It’s just too big. I don’t want to buy a tablet, I want something small and convenient. Can the next Fairphone be a compact? If they announce a compact within the next couple of months I will hold off on replacing my phone for the next 5 years until the compact Fairphone is shipped. But I just can’t have such a giant phone. We have tablets now, for people who want a big screen in their bag!

My colleague just received the FP2 and she is happy with the size. But for me the FP2 is far too large. Something around 120mm * 60mm would be good. Thickness is not a problem, could be 15mm or more.

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Well, this depends. As usual ;-). I started with a small phone (s3 mini) and a tablet ( WiFi only) and switched to the bigger phone and no tablet. It’s a compromise on both sides, but I’m more flexible with one device less. Personal preferences…

I have to correct my statement. In fact, the Paprcuts case is too small. The size of the big case as reported by the firm seems to fit the Fairphone 2. But as the phone has some thickness the case doesn’t fit. :unamused: