Fairphone in Le Figaro, Friday 14 November


Another report from France: "Le smartphone équitable Fairphone intrigue les Français"

Any Le Figaro readers out there? What do you think?

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Hi, Joe,

I don’t usually read Le Figaro, but I’m very happy for “our cause”. Great!


@anon90052001 , I think it’s a good report. It looks like Cash investigation generates an online buzz around Fairphone in France !
Look for Le Figaro’s website on monday 17, they say at the very end of the report that they will publish an article about the Fairphone Story (Saga) and a review of the phone !


“Le Monde” already wrote 2 articles: one to review the phone, and another one to explain the concept and the story of Fairphone. If even “Le Figaro” (which doesn’t really insist on fair trade values in its editorial line) eventually does it as well, it’s really impressive. This press coverage can only create more trust towards Fairphone - in addition to the obvious larger reach.


That’s exactly what I think. I wouldn’t have expected Le Figaro to write an article on this kind of topic, which means something must be happening in France!

Fairphone had better come up with manuals in French as most of us are very bad at languages!

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@Fairlulu I didn’t use the manual, but I’ve watched the tutorials from the Fairphone chanel on youtube : really short, really easy to understand, and fun to watch ! But you still have to understand english, maybe french subtitles could be a good idea, and cheaper than write and print a new manual.

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I’m not very firm with youtube, so maybe you know more about this: Can everyone add subtitles, or only the person, who uploaded the video? If the first is the case, then the French FP community could add subtitles themselves. I doubt that FP as a company has enough resources right now, to come up with subtitles of their own.

We would love it if we could get translation help from the community. Some team members are looking into platforms to make it easier for crowdsourcing these kinds of translations.

@Stefan, I’m looked into subtitles, here’s YouTube’s tutorial on it: https://support.google.com/youtube/answer/2734796?hl=en

I think it would basically be that Fairphone would provide the English transcript and then we would need help translating this into other languages and we can upload them.

I’ll put it in another topic: Anyone know good collaborative translation platform?


Julien, the videos are very nice and not too hard to understand, but for people like me, who have never had a “smartphone” before, they are a bit difficult to follow. I had to rewind them a few times until I understood what was being said. The problem wasn’t the language but the very content.
And believe me, they don’t cover all the questions people like me can have.

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And here is the new article from Le Figaro: http://www.lefigaro.fr/secteur/high-tech/2014/11/17/01007-20141117ARTFIG00143-fairphone-le-smartphone-qui-veut-etre-equitable.php

Honestly, this is a great piece, perhaps the best I have read in a french newspaper. It is balanced, really clear and quite optimistic about the project and the motivations but also frank on its limits, and not cynical at all (which happens too often once you said a 100% fair smartphone is not possible yet).

I like most of the article too but the few lines about performance seems a bit aggressive to me - regarding no outstanding features and “disappointing” screen. I think the fairphone is dealing very well with every ESSENTIAL function for a smartphone and who cares about gaming performance !? The article could have objectively mention this alignement with the fairphone concept.

Furthermore, the article states that you have to be convinced by the concept to pay such a price since. At least for Switzerland, the fairphone is definetly also fair regarding performance since you will not get significantly higher performance for the same price here.

Equivalent article in french in a swiss newspaper: https://skadi.ch/wp-content/uploads/2014/10/2014-10-27_fairphone_letemps.pdf

Finally, it is great to see that media start considering Fairphone because I saw several fairness comparative study that only considered mass producers… :frowning:

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Thanks for the analysis, @Rv10024. I’m interested what kind of “fairness comparative studies” you’ve seen to mass producers. May be interesting to share with the community.


@anon90052001 The first I saw was a swiss website showing just a chart with the biggest producers, but I can not find it back…

Then, there are these studies from Test-Achat (Belgium), reported here and here.
Or a documentary and an article from the swiss TV, mentioning only the mass producers… despite the information was taken from a PUBLICATION including the fairphone story !

By the way, I have nothing to do with the associations which made the publication I mentionned, but I have to say they did a great job! … or got information from Fairphone ?!

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