FairPhone in Australia/ battery replacement available in Australia?

Dear all,
I am after some urgent advice/help!
I have ordered one of the second batch phones a couple of months ago and my family is currently still trying to send it from Germany to Australia; unfortunately the german post/DHL declined the package as it contains a lithium battery. Does anyone of the Australian users know of a way to get hold of a replacement battery here/have a spare battery for FP1U that they are willing to part with (so my family can send the phone without the battery?) until I am in Europe next and can get a replacement?? Or does anyone know of a way to post a spare battery to Australia from any other countries or through other services??
Any advice would be highly appreciated.
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DHL writes it’s not possible to send a lithium ion battery on its own, however sending it within the device it belongs to is allowed:

Source: http://www.dhl.de/content/dam/dhlde/downloads/pdf/express/dhl-express-kundeninfo-lithium-batterien_UN3090.pdf

Betroffen von dieser Regelung sind ausschließlich einzeln verpackte Lithium Metall Batterien (UN 3090 ) gemäß Sektion IA, IB und II der Verpackungsvorschrift PI 968 . Der Transport von UN 3091 Lithium Metall Batterien, die in Geräten verbaut (PI 970 ) sind oder zusammen mit Ausrüstung (PI 969 ) versendet werden sowie Lithium Ion Batterien ist weiterhin möglich.

As I understand it, your parents are trying to send the entire Fairphone. That should be possible. Maybe try to talk to them again with this information at hand.

My folkes sent the whole FP1 to me in Australia without any problem. That was via the British postal system. Your problem might be with using DHL. Perhaps try the German equivalent (registered and insured). Good luck!

I have a similar issue, but this time the problem is getting a replacement battery for my FP1 in Australia/posted to Australia on its own.

Anyone know where I might be able to find a replacement battery in Australia?

My old battery has swollen and is no longer usable, and I’m outside the 2yr warranty.

Hi from Adelaide.
I have a spare FP2 battery - but from my friend’s experience with FP1, it is not the same battery required. Last time I needed a new one I ordered one, got it sent to a friend in Europe and she brought it over with her when she visited. Previously when she sent the phones to us, all the batteries were included but instead of my grand idea of a bulk mail from Oxford, she had to send one-by-one because of the rules that only one lithium ion battery per package.
So the ‘spare’ battery we had bought she waited until she could bring in person.
Not sure if this helps but hopefully it does!

Thanks for your reply! Yes, I’ve come to the conclusion, that getting a friend to bring one over from Europe in their luggage is probably going to be the only way to do things. It’s a shame your spare is FP2 - you’re right- the FP1 and FP2 batteries do seem very different. Cheers :slight_smile: