Fairphone hopefully leads the way

I’m wanting to own a fairphone and here are my reasons why

  1. It includes a reasonable feature set (i.e. It serves it’s practical purpose ).

  2. The people behind the production of the fairphone have moved some distance away from the economic/manufacturing model that on average is doing more harm than good (To the common “goods” of living in a unpolluted environment ( sustainable methods ), being paid fairly (minimum of local living wage required to meet basic living costs such as food and shelter) and people not being pressured/forced into harsh and dangerous working conditions.

  3. The price?. It’s expensive (compared to similar specifications phones). Whilst there isn’t a level playing/business field (ethical/environmental regulations) then I’m willing to pay a little extra for my own peace of mind.e.g. The phone has been manufactured using a higher standard than a equivalent specification phone that is cheaper (more “hidden” environmental and social costs are occurred due to it’s manufacturing process).

  4. I’m not a d—! whom simply (very simply) must have the best gadget to show off to my village ( “village esteem” an evolutionary psychological theory) and simply not care about how it was manufactured, provided it has all the latest “whistles and bells”.


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