Fairphone freezes and only works again after restarting

Sometimes my phone freezes. Alarms, sounds etc still functioning, but I am unable to unlock the phone. Sounds buttons are responsive.

Any solutions?

I have updated the phone as updates became avaliable.

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You could try to turn off ‘rotate screen automaticaly’. I had the same problem since Android 13 and this solution fixed it totally.

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its a know issue woth the screen.

there is a list of what you can do about it:

  1. wait for update
  2. hope

It happened to me a lot. I deactivated screen rotation and it reduced the trouble.
After trying to activate it back, I found out that screen freeze appeared every time I was watching Youtube video (I have YT premium which allows video playing while phone screen IS locked) and got screen locked, and rotated it while screen locked. Then it is impossible to get the screen responding but the sound fonctions still works, which shows that its not a compete crash.
Now, screen freezes still happens when watching vidéo and CPU load is high (other apps in background), even after deactivating screen rotation.
Factory reset didn’t resolved m’y issue