Fairphone FP1U softbricked

Since i wanted to use the latest apps, I followed this guide to get Android 4.4.4. a couple of months ago.

Everything was working fine untill 2 weeks ago i got an error saying ‘launcher3 stopped working’ again and again.
When i tried to downgrade to the stockrom again my phone hardbricked.

I then followed these steps to restore it to Cherry 1.6. (Restoring with flashtool)
This worked. I got the welcome to Fairphone animation etc.
Next i updated to Kola 1.8. and it softbricked.
Now when i try to go in recovery mode, i first get three options: Recovery mode, Fastboot mode or Normal boot.
Whatever i try it just won’t boot, the screen lights up slightly indicating a functioning battery etc but that is it
When i go into fastboot mode and try to flash (fastboot flash boot [kola 1.8.zip]) i get a write error. This made me think that maybe i don’t have root acces?
I tried sideloading with adb. It says installation complete but still no boot.
Any ideas or should i start saving for FP2?

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