Fairphone for INGOs & MDM software

My first post, so please forgive newbie with limited technical understanding.

I wanted to suggest to a small International NGO (INGO) that they should consider using Fairphones in line with the INGOs mission to support people in low income countries in Africa.

However, I’ve been told that the INGO use Samsung devices due to the security features within Sumsung Knox, which I understand is a Mobile Device Management (MDM ) software and that others are also available such as MobileIron etc.

I’m keen to understand two issues:
A. If anyone in the community is aware of another INGO issuing Fairphones to their staff as part of company policy?

B. If anyone in the community has experience of installing MDM software on their Fairphone as part their employer’s mobile security policy?

Apologies if the answer to these issues are elsewhere and I didn’t find them.


Keep in mind that Fairphones are not FCC certified and lack support for some mobile frequency bands in the Americas & East Asia, so if your NGO is operating in those regions as well, then Fairphone may not be the ideal choice. Africa on the other hand is fine; it largely follows EU standards on technology rather than US standards.


I would also suggest that you contact the business department of Fairphone. Even if they can’t offer a solution right now, still contacting them might help them to know how much interest there is in managed phones.

Please see: https://www.fairphone.com/en/business/


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