Fairphone for big phones lovers

I’ve seen posts which say that Fairphone 3 is too big for them. I will say that it’s too small for me.
My phone is working fine but I’m looking for my future phone. Fairphone is looking great but it’s screen width is my minimal acceptable size. Anything lower and it’s just too small. I barely care about how tall is the screen.

I want to show that while many people want smaller phone some want bigger. I think the best way is to release two sizes in the future. For example Fairphone 4 and Fairphone 4 Plus.


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There are in fact a lot of users complaining about the size of the FP3/3+, so it’s good you posted something in representation for those that love their phone really biiig.

(I myself consider it quite large, but acceptable and the size is a clear advantage, when it comes to videos, games, reading books, browsing etc., while it’s a real pain in the a…, when you e.g. have small hands or want to wear it in your trouserpocket.)

Hey, so it’s acceptable and the phone for you, if you need one. :wink:
Otherwise: “The most sustainable phone is the one, you already own.

I wonder, at what point/time in the future Fairphone as a company will be “big enough” to offer two differen phones/sizes. Up to then, they are doing good to opt for the best compromise i.e. in this case, that is for most people fine, for others the maximum acceptable size and for others the minimum acceptable size.


My phone is working fine currently so my post is mostly about future phones. If I needed phone at this moment then current models are a good compromise in terms of size but I worry next model will be too narrow for me considering current complaints.

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Don’t worry too much.
Fairphone is taken this forum in consideration; that’s for sure. But final decisions most likely will be based on market research etc. :wink:
Like stated in this posting (regarding colors for the protective cover):


I think the amount of choices people have these days are detrimental to both the planet and their mental health so I humbly disagree with offering multiple options :sweat_smile:


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