Fairphone earbuds

Hello I bought a new letf earbud but it doesn’t connect…
The old right earbud Say “connected” but not the new left.

What can I do ?? Please

It cost me 45€… For nothing

Hi and welcome to the forum!

I had the same issue like you a few months ago. I found out that the right one had power and the battery was full and the left one didn’t connect. It’s battery was empty!

If you put your headphones into the battery pack there should be a red led on each headphone which shows you that they are charging. If one is charging and the other on not such a thing can happen. So in my case I just cleaned the connections of the battery pack with some cotton swabs and as I inserted the left headphone the red led appears and they were charging.

Maybe try this …


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Just another idea: Have you tried to delete the bluetooth settings in your phone and then repair the earphones again?

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This is normal with a new single earbud and requires a reset of the TWS earbuds – not just unpairing it on the phone, but independent of it. This reset is described here: https://support.fairphone.com/hc/en-us/articles/4407930364177 but right now the Support website is down. [back online now :slight_smile: ]

The procedure is as follows:

  • Put both earbuds into the case and leave it OPEN.
  • Press-hold the button at the downside of the case until the LED blinks 10 times.

Yes I already tried to delete the bluetooth settings in my phone and it doesn’t work

They really ought to include this information with the replacement bud package.
I was going to reply to Cindy (to whom welcome by the way) earlier on but the support site was already unavailable. It still is to all intents and purposes…


Thank you, Its works it !! :smiley:


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