Fairphone earbuds: right one blinking red and green and silent

Hi there, I wonder if you can help?
My right earbud is not working properly, it always blinks red and green in the case and won’t pair when I take it out of the case. The left one is working fine, I only have this problem with the right earbud. I can hear a noise that sounds like it’s connecting with something but it doesn’t say “connected”, like the left one. I have tried to unpair by pressing the button until the charging lights blink 10 times and I have unpaired them from my phone. My phone (Fairphone 4) is updated and I have restarted it several times. Is there anything else I can try? It used to work fine until yesterday (both earbuds), I don’t know what went wrong!
Thank you!

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As it seems you already found the Support article on the TWS earbuds and already did the reset procedure described there to no avail, I think you can only contact Fairphone Support now.

I just had the same Problem,
Unpairging from the earbuds side (as described in the article) seemed to help.

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