Fairphone Earbuds draining battery when not connected

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With my Fairphone 4 order I got the Fairphone Earbuds as well.
While I’ve really enjoyed them so far I have one gripe with it and I don’t know if it’s a product malfunction or if I’m doing something wrong.

When I stop using my fairphone earbuds I put them back into their case. However, even when it’s left at high battery (>80%) it will drain to 0% without using them. I’ve made sure they’re not connected to my fairphone bluetooth either (read: I disable bluetooth on my Fairphone) but the battery keeps draining to 0% every time without being used.

Am I missing some setting here or did I obtain malfunctioned earbuds?

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Are only the Earphones discharging or the case too? As the case should recharge and
maintain the charge of the Earphones as long as its battery is full.

It’s not a very specific suggestion, but you want to give resetting the earbuds a try. For instructions, see the “Pairing | Unpair” section here (it is different from just unpairing on the phone):

It is discharging in the case as well. I always put them back into the case and they always turn up empty when I get them out again.

I’ve also tried resetting, unpairing and repairing before. Did not change anything sadly.

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Then I suppose the case is defective. I would contact support.

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