Fairphone /E/ OS version does not support fair banks ASN Bank and Triodos Bankieren apps

I just experienced on my FP3 with /E/ OS that it does not support my fair banking apps from Triodos and ASN banks.
This is super disappointing that FairPhone is not telling this up front while they claim to be a fair phone you should at least support fair banking apps from the start.

What is needed in order to have these 2 fair banking apps become available in the /E/ OS appstore? Can these ASN Bank and Triodos banking apps get priority over other les fair apps?

Hi Bram and welcome to the community forum!

In what way are those apps not supported (fail to install, fail to run, show an error, etc.?)

I know that on the /e/ forum there is a HowTo for banking apps: https://community.e.foundation/t/howto-installing-banking-apps/5875?u=ingo_fp_angel

But I could imagine it is not for everyone.

I know this is not of immediate help, but in cases like this I’d also contact the app developers, so that they get a feeling how big the demand is.


Hi Bram,

Not comletely sure if it helps, but I have the Triodos app working fine on the FP2. My suggestion in here is that it is probably not a Fairphone policy, but another inconvenient problem.

Good luck,

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@rae, @lorahaspels: In their announcement about the partnership with /e/ Fairphone wrote that “All your favorite Android apps can still be used”.
(I only just saw this wording now when I searched for where users might even get the idea, sorry.)

Any advanced user (for which running /e/ is intended according to Fairphone support) will tell you that this claim simply is not true, because the technical setup of /e/ does not allow every given App to run at all times.

Could Fairphone please clarify this in the blog article to avoid user grief and disappointment … not the least with Fairphone, who are not responsible for any App compatibility in /e/?
(An appropriate wording to not break the positive marketing speak would be “The most popular” instead of “All your favorite”, I guess :wink: .)

And could Fairphone please prominently advise non-advanced users to inform themselves about the implications of running /e/ prior to installing it or prior to ordering a pre-installed phone from the /e/ foundation?


Do you use Fairphone OS (the pre-installed operating system including the Google Play Store) or Fairphone Open OS (without Google Play Store) or another operating system?

I /e/-ed my FP3 on July 2 (so it runs /e/ 20200701) and I am able to use ASN Mobiel Bankieren (installed from Aurora Store).

I unfortunately cannot use ASN Mobiel Betalen (“Vanuit veiligheidsoverwegingen kunt u de app niet gebruiken”). But that was a hit&miss anyway on stock FP Android.

Excuse me, but from my point of view you seem to be mixing up some things here.

Fairphone is trying to be fair along its product supply chain. This does by no means mean that they promise to or have to be fair in every other aspect. And they are not obliged to tell you anything about support for fair bankings apps, because they do offer those apps.

Also, Fairphone cannot and does not control your choice of an alternative operating system. If you decide to install /e/ OS, which is officially in beta (see: Is /e/ stable? at https://e.foundation/get-support/#faq), then you have to live with the fact that certain apps that require an “official“ Android are not supported on your Custom ROM. Especially when it comes to banking apps which have to be verifiably secure.

If you want the two apps that you have mentioned in the /e/ OS appstore, you should get in touch with the respective stakeholders, namely the banks and the /e/ foundation. I am pretty sure, though, that neither of the banks will offer their apps on a beta niche platform for the abovementioned reasons. If I were a bank I would do the same.


Well, there are 2 possible issues here:

  1. Is the app not available in Apps? If so, you can install the Aurora Store from it, which gives you access to all apps on the Google Play Store. You can then get the app from there.
  2. Does the app not work? Then this is most likely an issue with microG. That is a more complex thing and you’ll have to probably talk to your bank. You can also ask on the /e/ forum or chat: https://e.foundation/get-support/#help

For your question about priority: After installing the app you want to open the app store (Apps) again, click Settings in the bottom right corner and click “Request app” and follow the instructions there to get the app into the official /e/ app store.

I can confirm that Rabobank and ING Bank both work fine (well, Rabobank fails to scan QR codes, but the official iDeal app does it fine), so likely your fair bank apps will work fine too.

Please note that Fairphone doesn’t run the /e/ project. I honestly am not sure what their “partnership” even means, to be honest, that announcement is rather vague. I do agree that “All your favorite Android apps can still be used” is misleading. Surprisingly many work just fine, but not all apps will work.


Thank you all for the supporting feedback.

The Aurora Store works as a solution for me, and let us hope /E/ OS and their partner Fairphone work together in enabling more fair services to work for Fairphone users in the future.

This in my view should be part of a fair customer oriented product like a FP and should not stop with just producing and shipping hardware.

Hy Bram,
On my FP3 Triodos app works fine, installed from Aurora store. Also ASN Bank app is available there but this one I’d not install it because it depends on google, Triodos does not.

Hai Bram, ik gebruik wel de ASN app op mijn Fairphone 3, ik ben benieuwd waarom het jou niet lukt…

I just experienced on my FP3 with /E/ OS that it does not support my fair banking apps from Triodos and ASN banks.

I think you’ll find that the problem is not with the FP3, nor the /E/ OS, but rather that the apps are not supporting the FP3 running /E/.

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Could you elaborate that a little more maybe? Is your phone rooted? Does it have Google Play Services? Do you have a custom OS like Lineage?

I’m thinking about switching my bank since my current one is A, not sustainable (even though they do enough greenwashing that I initally fell for them) and B, their app doesn’t support rooted devices without Google Play Services, which led me to almost a dozen phone calls with support which is something I would like to avoid in the future.