Fairphone doesn't work anymore after use on beach - micro usb input also already halfbroken


I had my phone some days in my bag on the beach, so some little bit of sand came in little spots such as behind the volume button. I guess this is maybe why my micro usb input doesn’t work properly anymore.

Since this night, it totally shut down. The only form of activity I saw was when I pressed the volume up and the power button and the phone was connected with my laptop - then a black screen came where I could “chose” between three modes. The arrow jumped itself to the different options and it was not possible to select one.

I tried battery charging but as the micro usb is a bit broken this is also not easy.

Thanks for your help!

So how can we help you? I think you could ask support for a repair. But I think you already know that this is not a case of warranty. (You may have to pay for the repair.)

You could try opening up the phone and cleaning it. Look up one of the guides at iFixit.com.


Ans spare parts can be purchased here: http://shop.fairphone.com/catalog/category/view/id/11