Fairphone doesn't receive some calls - not possible to connect


I have had the fairphone for about three weeks now. Basically I have had several people telling me they have tried to call me but phone deosn’t give any signal and they get a voice saying “it has not been possible to connect your call”.

  1. I am in a place with signal.
  2. It seems very random: I have had several friends test this and sometimes it receives the call, sometimes it doesn’t. I cannot detect any pattern (service provider, particular person, place…)
    3.I have switched my SIM to my old phone, got several people to call me and I receive all calls, so I don’t think that is an issue.
  3. Over the weekend I updated software on fairphone hoping it would help, but issue is not resolved.
  4. I have no problems making calls myself - it only fails for incoming calls.

I mainly use my phone for internet and messaging than for calls, and only payed attention to this last week when a company had been trying to call me for two days with no success and finally emailed me.

I am currently using my old phone, as I am expecting job interview calls and don’t want to risk it, so I find this very frustrating.

As far as I’m aware I don’t have voicemail or call forwarding activated. And if I did, I would have though it would forward all calls, not just some.

Am I missing something very basic here?

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks,


I never heared about a problem like this but I wonder if you have tried to use your SIM card at the second slot?
Or do you use two cards active? Have you ever tryed to swap then? Do you have the Problem on both numbers?


Hi Shiny,

Thanks for your email. So, I switched back to my old phone as I was expecting important calls and didn’t want to miss them. All seemed ok the first few days, receiving calls and sms, so I thought it was an issue with my fairphone. But then, I started missing some calls on my old phone! So it appears it was my SIM, but since it was quite random and happened at the same time I got my new fairphone, took a while to pin it down!

I have now changed my SIM and I’m using my fairphone again. All seems fine, I hope it stays like this :slight_smile:



Hello Eithne,
nice to hear that you have found the reason of the problem. I hope (and believe) you have identified it correctly and will have much fun with your Fairphone.

I use my one now about two month and it does better than I have expected. I learned to live the possibilities I got with the root mode. That helped even more to make “the” phone to “my” Phone.

I hope your experiences will be similar pleasant ;).


I have had the same Problem with my FP1U. It wasn´t possible to recive calls, no matter which SIM card was active. Swaping the cards didn´t solve the problem.
I remembered I created a custom ringtone a few days ago by use of the so called “mp3 cutter” app, so I thought my new ringtone might disturb my device.
After changing to one of the standard ringtones the issue was solved and everything works fine again.
Hope this helps somebody.