Fairphone Display settings - display turns dark if inserted into a dark space. can this be fixed?

Hello everyone,

This is a little bit of an odd one, but anyway.
I need to place my phone inside a steeltube installation to show some artwork.
Unfortunately, whenever I do that and I play the video the display turns from bright to fairly dark and one can’t see anything anymore.

I did exact the same installation with my fairphone 2 and that was fine.
I assume I need to tinker with the sensor somehow but dont know how to do that.
Has anyone any ideas on how to fix that?

Unfortunately, for the installation I am doing I couldnt get these little screens or ipads typically used so I got to find a version with my fp4 somehow.

Grateful for any advice…

I assume you have adaptive brightenss enabled so turning this off should help.

You can find e.g under settings-display or by pulling down the menu, the little “A” at the top


Hey there! Ach thank you so much… I wasn’t aware this was a feature, since I had my old fairphone for so long.

That totally did the trick. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:
Have a nice saturday!


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