Fairphone display doesn't work

I just got my new Fairphone 3, I put it on a charger and left it for approx 1/2 hour. Then I tried to turn it on. I got a green light but the display remains black. No charging-Icon - nothing at all.
I tried to do a factory reset but the display still doesn’t show anything.
Help please?

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The battery should come pre-charged (was somewhere between 50% and 60% with my Fairphone 3 when it arrived), so the phone should at least turn on.

Press the power button for a long time, until the phone vibrates noticeably (if the phone is already running, there can be a very short vibration to confirm an action like the pressed power button but that would not be it).

If the phone is off, it should turn on.
If the phone is already running, this should force a reboot.

Once booting, the phone should display the Fairphone logo first.
Does this work at least?

The Fairphone 3 is built to be easily repairable up to a certain point.
You can use the small screwdriver that came with it to unscrew the display module and have a look whether something’s wrong with the connection to the mainboard or with the module itself, before reassembling the display again to try turning the phone on again.
Here’s a guide with pictures …

#fairphoneangels (<- see link for info) deserve a mention, too, if you happen to have them in your vicinity.
I don’t expect the Fairphone 3 to be widespread among them already, but there could be enough general expertise in how to take a Fairphone apart.

Else … https://support.fairphone.com/hc/en-us


The display really stayed completely black.
But I did take the phone apart (which was strangely satisfying, this being my first Fairphone :smile: ) and now it works!
So, thank you very much for your advice!


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