Fairphone display "Defect" (Capacitive Grid)

I am sorry if this is the wrong topic, but some time ago I sent my fairphone back because it had some software issues. The fairphone I recieved then worked fine, but I recognized some kind of display defect. I won’t send it back to the support again, therefor the defect is not big enough, but when you look close or have a white background or the sun reflecting on the screen you can see it. There are strange stripes on the display which have all the same distance between each other (you can see them when you have your fairphone turned off too). I just wanted to mention this defect that the fairphone team know about this for all the comming fairphones.

(You cannot see all of the stripes on the picture but at least some of them)

I have that too, a 12x19 grid of points on the screen. I’m pretty sure thats not a defect. Although on your pic it looks a bit more distinct than on my phone

Mine (FP1U) has the same points grid but I always thought it was normal (never had a capacity touchscreen before, only resistive ones so I thought it was due to different technology).

This is not a defect.

See this support article for more details about the capacitive grid


Thank you very much! :smile:

I am sorry, I didn’t know about this