Fairphone dead? Can't access Recovery Mode

Hi dear Fairphone-users!

My wifes Fairphone 2 (3.5 years old) started to act weird yesterday: First we updated it to the latest Fairphone OS-version, that worked flawlessly. Then a few hours later it rebooted randomly (She was using it while it happend - but that happened often since we upgraded to android 7 - my FP2 does that too) and got stuck in a rebootloop. I could go into recovery mode and manually reboot it, but it would just return to its loop. I took the battery out for the night. But that didn’t change anything. So figured I had to reinstall the whole OS - luckily I could make a backup before trying to make a factory reset, because after some time the recover mode started to crash…

And after some random reboots, I couldn’t access recovery mode anymore. Now it just shows the black Fairphone screen with “powered by Android” underneath it.

Next Step: Fastboot. I could and still can access fastboot. I also can manually install Fairphone OS - at least I get confirmation it has been installed - but the phone doesn’t boot it. And still: I can’t accees recovery mode. I even tried to install Ubuntu touch - just to see if I could get TWRM at least installed and working again.

So… yeah… I’m figuring it’s a hardware problem? Well at least that’s my question… did I try all software solutions? Or is there something anybody can think of to try.
I even swapped all modules from the broken phone with my still working FP2, but I figure it must be the main module then…

I tried that - with different TWRP-images - and it just won’t boot into recovery mode.

I’m no expert but that sounds like the symptoms of the storage failing, you did an update which does loads of write cycles, and it sounds like its given up. I have known of phones which can at first go into recovery mode, and then not also. However I could be wrong as I say.

Edit: Flash storage has a maximum number of write cycles, (not an exact figure its just when its estimated to break,) as it wears out, and I think the phone reached this when you flashed the update which could be why you are experiencing this.

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