Fairphone crashes and doesn't charge

I’ve had my FP2 for a few days now and everything went pretty normal. except today the screen keeps blacking out and then it shuts off for no reason so I have to turn it back on. That used to work in the beginning but now it either stays in that “Fairphone powered by android” start screen or when it finally opens the pin screen it chrashes as soon as I try to enter my pin. Sometimes I make it to the home screen but it won’t last more than a few seconds until it blacks out again. I plugged in the charger (It’s at 10%) but the red charging light isn’t working. I’m pretty annoyed at this point and have no idea what to do. I already took out the battery and put it back in a couple of times and used different ways of charging it (different plug, usb in pc, not charging at all). Any help is appreciated!

Here are some resources …


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