Fairphone Core Module missing in spare parts

Due to a request from a Fairphone owner through the angel program, @PackElend has noticed that the core module is missing in the spare parts. Has anyone noticed too and has more information why it is missing and if it comes back?


The core model wasn’t in the shop almost since the beginning.

If you need one for an angels group’s spare part stock you’ll likely also need all other parts at some point so what I usually do is get a full FP2 to refill our stock.


Even more so, since the core-module alone is still sold at 275,- Euro by the german online shop vireo, while the refurbished phone is 24,- Euro more only (while stocks last).


Thanks guys. Since I haven’t needed one so far, I didn’t realize it was not in stock. Therefore when Fairphone claimed they keep spare parts in stock for another two years, it doesn’t include the core module?

I assume that Fairphone does have a sufficient supply of core modules on stock, but won’t make them available directly in the shop. Most likely you have to go through Fairphone Support first. Perhaps this is to make (extra) sure it’s really a case of “last resort” (i.e. all other potential causes have been ruled out before).


If my memory serves me right, they had the core module in the shop onlyfor a very brief period of time. Only vireo had it on sale.
My idea always was, that the core module is the most vital part of the phone. The majority of rare materials is used for this part. There are many things, that can fail or cause trouble within the core module.
Therefore — I guess — Fairphone is using the core module only for their repair service.
This way they can assure, that it’s really the core module, that is broken. And - even more important - they learn, what part of the module is broken. Thus they can find out, if maybe one part they purchased is of low quality or if the design is flawed.

In total:
The core module not being available in the online store is on no way indicative for their stock on this or other spare parts.

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