Fairphone completely bricked: Screen failure and then no access to anything (even recovery mode)

Hi There,

I wrote to Support but there are taking quite some time to respond, and I am afraid my warranty will pass.

I was travelling and my phone FP1(U) started having some issues. First of all, it started with random crashes, then the screen stopped working, but the LED’s of the phone worked and the phone seemed to work (only the screen was not working), still, the recovery mode was available. Eventually, the battery was depleted and then I was not even access the recovery mode because the phone would not start, even charging the battery again. When plugged, the phone is not showing any signs of getting charged (LED not responding).

I tried this when the problems first started: HELP - screen black, but phone still working
and it did not seem to be a screen problem. Then however, the phone stopped working definitely.

I was very happy with the FP, but it just lasted for 1.5 years !!

Can anyone help me? (And most specially anyone from Fairphone, because I asked for support two weeks ago and got still no response).

Did you already call them?
Mon & Tues 10:30 - 18:30 and Wed-Fri 9:30 - 17:30 at +31 (0)20-788 4400
That should speed things up.

Mmm nope, I though by email they would be responding as quickly as by phone.

Thing is I am from Spain, but if this speeds it up, I shall call them.

Thnks for the tip!

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