Fairphone Community Map

Not yet. It has been an idea for almost 2.5 years though. :grimacing: Pull Requests welcome!

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I don’t know if it’s just me, but neither Angels nor events get displayed on the map.
Tested just now (20.5., 12:20) on Firefox Desktop


Same here since last night.

The JSONs that are to be downloaded during the build are not in https://github.com/WeAreFairphone/fprsmap/tree/gh-pages/data

@Stefan: Could that be a side-effect of https://github.com/WeAreFairphone/fprsmap/commit/2f9e8d1c4a9ecdfb183b80c781693f436aca3afd

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I put an annotation to the Angels Program topic so that people don’t get confused.
Don’t forget to remove it when you fixed the map :slight_smile:

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My bad, yes you are right. I didn’t want the data to be in master, but .gitignore also prevents them to be in gh-pages of course. Could you revert the commit? (Afk until Thursday)

@stanzi Where did you “put an annotation”?

Edit: @Ingo even better would be to remove .gitignore before deploying to gh-pages. We could add this to .travis.yml: (haven’t tested it)

  - rm .gitignore


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I didn’t get a notification… :grimacing:

Tried to. Didn’t work. No time. Sorry.

Ok, reverted my last change and the commit before. https://map.fairphone.community/ is working again. Will remove the annotation in the other thread.


It might have been brought up before (feel free to “link me know”), but to make sure it won’t be never brought up …

Is it a big hassle to integrate the Fairphone Angel icon into the blue spots that indicate the Fairphone Angel heavens? I’ve briefly illustrated in the below screenshot how that could look like (note that I integrated the Angel icon both in white as well as in transparent).

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Disclaimer: At the moment I am not motivated at all to work on this.

The radius of the blue circles is 30km. I’m not sure whether svg icons can stay to scale… I’m pretty sure there is a way to implement this, but I will not spend time on it. Maybe someone else wants to play around.

Today’s Aachen meetup isn’t shown on the map (I believe it was included some time ago). Friday’s Earth Strike isn’t either, but I think that’s just because it (naturally) has no location.

Maybe the title of the Aachen event is too long?

P.S.: No big deal, but might be a flaw that can be sorted out for future events.

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I don’t know all the details, but yes, an event without location is never shown on the map.

For the Aachen event I saw that the “location” element of the JSON data has the “geo_location” sub-element (used for coordinates), but no “name”. That’s probably the reason why Aachen is not shown on the map (even though for the forum software, the name is an optional field).

One question I have myself: how long does it take until the map is updated once the event topic is adjusted?

Edit: looking at the code it seems that a missing “name” should not be a problem, sorry.

Edit2: in fact there was already a bug filed at https://github.com/WeAreFairphone/fprsmap/issues/91
Will work on it.

Edit3: fix is rolled out, today’s Aachen event is now shown at https://map.fairphone.community/


Excellent, thank you @Ingo :slight_smile:

If that question is still unanswered, I can only say that once an event is created in the agenda, it usually appears in the map the next calendar day (from my experience). I don’t know about simple edits though.

At maximum 24h. This is the minimum time span, Travis CI permits for chron jobs.

At what time does the cron job execute?

This cannot be defined. I think it is 24h from the last manual execution.

Well, the background of my question was the following: I wanted to know if there was a way to be sure before which time an event needs to be created/updated with the necessary information so that it will be reflected on time.

Say for example there is an event tomorrow at 18:00 and somehow I forgot to set the correct date/time and/or location and I notice it is not shown on the map.
Then I correct the event at 22:00 and have to wait for it to be reflected on the map.
Now, if I knew the cron job would run tomorrow at 17:00 it would be clear my changes would be rather futile as the map update is going to be too late anyway.
But say the cron job would run at 21:00 today I knew I had to hurry and not wait until 22:00 to set the correct information.

Ok, that’s probably not going to happen that often. But we had a similar problem earlier this week with the Aachen event (it was a bug in the code, yes, but it could as well have been missing mandatory field values or an ad-hoc shift of event date).

So, if it is not a time to be configured (and fixed thereafter) but rather dynamic (depending on that last manual run), is there at least a way to see when the next trigger will happen?

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Yes. The first build will happen shortly after the last commit and then every day at that time.

Can you login to Travis CI and find out whether you can view the WeAreFairphone organization there?

PS.: It seems that Github is moving from “Services” to “Apps”. In Travis CI our integration is listed unter “Legacy Services Integration”…