Fairphone case problems

After receiving my fairphone case a few weeks ago, the fairphone itself was delivered yesterday. And after doing the starting routines, I put the phone in the case, and what happened? --> the phone kept shutting down and booting every few seconds. I guess it may be due to poor manufacturing. Without the case the phone works pretty well.
Has anyone made the same exprerience?

Hi @fairalbino the problem you describe happens when the case isn’t fitting right and therefore pushing the power button all the time.

This can be fixed by breaking the case in - even if you have done before, I would suggest you do some more stretches/bends of the case as described here

@Chris_R is right about the case. I just have to add that I tried to “break in” the case, and it did not really help for some time, keeping the phone sometimes restarting
after a couple of hours without incident. After some three or foru days, it stopped. Now, it only happens when I have it in my pocket and do something like a squat. :slight_smile:

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I too am still struggling to fit the Fairphone snugly into its case, but as others have said it is a matter of breaking in the case.

The first try it barely stayed in, with corners popping out all the time, then little by little they are easing in and I’m confident that with a few more tries flexing/bending it, it will just be perfect.

I have to say though that I think I will shave off the little dotted knob on the inside of the power button groove, because it still really bulges off, but I will wait a little more to do it because so far I haven’t experienced any problem with the case pressing the button.

Hi folks,

the cases, both, ther blue and the black one, do not fit at all. To get charged …ok, it will do, but the earphone? Nothing. I “break in” several times, but both of my Fairphones do not fit at all. Mybe, that the “break in” must be done one hundred times?
I have no problems with the power button, but with the earphone(s), and this area fits not into the case. The microphone area fits well, on both fairphones.



You must be doing something wrong. I have the blue case and I simply snapped it onto my phone and it fit. I did bend it slightly to “break it in”, but I’m under the impression that wasn’t even really necessary. It’s a perfect fit for my phone.

Do you mean you can’t get the case over your phone where the headphones are, or do you mean you can’t get your headphones plugged into the phone while it is in the case?

Because it is a known issue that some earphone plugs are not small enough to fit through the rather small hole in the case (topic here). (I remember reading somewhere that someone just manually widened the hole themselves, but I didn’t find that post just now)

See Boe, I suspect that the process of breaking the case can be different from case to case (an maybe even phone to phone).
A millimeter more or less can make the difference and since the core of the case is hard plastic it can go both ways with the case being loose or small.

Point is that you should not give up bending it and flexing it from time to time.

After 4-5 days I can say that now my case fits pretty fine, with all corners blocking the phone, the mic hole lined up with the hole in the case (suggestion, a slightly bigger hole for the mic wouldn’t hurt).
But at first I could barely have two corners in while pushing the other two in would result in the others popping out.
I ultimately even decided to shave off the tiny bulging dot in the inside part of the power button groove, because it was making the rubbery part on top bend upwards.

Try taking the phone out often, bend the case and flex it and twist it and try even heating it up (maybe with a blow-dryer but careful here 'cause it may even melt if you stay too much on it) before putting it back on the phone.

Also when pushing the phone into the case lead with the top part trying to align the power button with its groove and then push the opposite corners with your thumbs.

Keep pushing the corners in whenever they slip out, repeat the procedure a couple of times a day.

It is about perseverance. :wink:

Neither hot air (hair drier) nor flexing it 10-15 times a day brought success in this first two weeks. I also ordered one of the 3D cases. This one fits very well, but it is hard plastics with lots of sharp edges. Nothing for me. The original case, in blue or black has a very good handling (feeling). Hope, that it will fit sometime. :frowning:


If you’re having so much difficulty getting the case to fit, I would suggest getting in contact with the Fairphone Support team directly to see if they can offer you a replacement. You really shouldn’t have this much difficulty trying to get the case to fit, so may be defective

Thanks for the idea. I contacted the support team yesterday (Friday).
A friend of mine, a Fairphoner of the first batch, gave me his case to try. What shall i say? It fits very well. My two cases with his Phone do not fit. I hope, we will get a solution.



It is interesting to hear that your friend’s case fits. I have a blue case for my FP1U but it does not fit and I did not get an answer from the Support Team yet (I guess the Team is pretty occupied with sending out secound badge phones…). As for me: I did the breaking in process and I can sort of fit my phone into the case now, but it still does not fit as it is supposed to. Either the top two edges or the ones at the bottom are a little bit missplaced. I think that the light blue (hard plastic) material of the case is just about half a Millimeter too small and that is not going to change, no matter how much I bend the case…
But since I received the case weeks before my phone and found out about the case beeing to small only last week I guees it’s too late for returning it.

So I’ve got a case that was printed at a hub, it fits great…but now I can’t remove it! I want to put my work SIM in and I cannot get it off!!

I also have the problem with the case prevents the phone charger and the headset to be plugged in. Even if I have bend the case as shown in the tutorial video it won’t solve the problem. Otherwise the case fit well. One solution that has been mentioned above is to manually cut in the case to make the holes big enough for the charger and headset to fit, but I don’t think that should be necessary to do. I contacted fp support yesterday and waiting for an answer of potential reclaim and check if this was a common problem.

I have had my Fairphone and case for several months now, but the (original black) case just won’t fit. Bending isn’t helping at all. It makes it hard to put the charger in - and one edge is always popping out, so if i should drop my phone, there is basically no protection.
Has a common solution for this be found? Are we gonna receive replacements?

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