Fairphone Blog: Should we replace Disqus with this FP Forum?

Many of you will probably follow the Fairphone Blog. Currently, there is this Disqus widget below every Post. Would’nt it be cooler if we replace Disqus with a thread of the forum? There is already the category called “Blog” here. I am not sure if it is easy to embed the Forum there, though.
Disqus in contary to Discourse not open source and likely they collect your data. Fairphoners and interested people could better discuss posts here, could’nt they?
What do you think?

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this was already addressed in the forum feedback The forum: How are we doing?. Joe’s answer was:


as @Kris_S already said, this has already been talked about.

But yeah I do agree with you. I’d prefer one platform as well, even if it will keep many people from posting, but imho currently a lot of interesting material is lost when forum and blog comments don’t interact, and I’m pretty sure, that if someone has something important to contribute as a commenter, that he’ll also invest the few clicks to join this forum.

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Thanks you two!
Maybe it is possible to accept “guests” for certain threads so not registered people can comment. Not sure how well spam filtering would work then. Joe has a point, yet I’d would prefer using discourse.

That’s what I thought as well. Cause I perfectly understand not wanting to register to something if all you wanna do is leave a comment, but don’t intend to contribute to further conversations.
But yeah, it’d be nice to have it integrated somehow.

Hi @davidxy and others. Please continue the discussion in the other topic(s). I’m not going to move any posts, but feel free to do so if you think answers here can be an addition to the other topic regarding this problem.

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