Fairphone blog bot on Telegram

I created a Telegram bot and a channel based on Fairphone blog posts.
You can follow them to get automatic updates every time a new blog post is published.

I made them for my convenience, but they are public, so feel free to use them.

@fairphoneblog is the channel
@fairphoneblog_bot is the bot

I hope nobody bothers I made them, it is all public information I only made it more available.



I assume it is RSS based? Could you find the RSS link? Firefox doesn’t update the RSS bookmark of the blog anymore here…

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Yes, it is RSS based.

This is the RSS feed I used


I simply found it through Firefox RSS button, it seems to be up to date.

I created it today so I won’t be able to tell if it works properly or
not until a new post is published. But I created another channel with
the same technique and it is working fine.


Works fine, I think my link was just outdated (because of the website relaunch). Thank you!

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