Fairphone battery upgrade ideas?

Hi all,

I am using outdoor (rugged) phones with something like 10000 mAh batteries. I use the phone for outdoor activities in the mountains, so I use the phone a lot (display on, GPS on…) for navigation, weather information…
Also for security reasons I need a phone that runs for more than one day without recharging.

I like the Fairphone idea but I need a bigger battery.
Has anybody experience or any comment about one of the following ideas:

  • use a power bank permanently connected to the phone (simple but not handy solution)
  • replace the Fairphone battery with a battery of larger capacity. (nicer solution, but what about connector and software compatibility and I guess you need a custom back cover to increase the battery space?

Any comments or other ideas?


Welcome to the Fairphone community.

I didn’t see a bigger battery for a Fairphone so far, but the easy way of swapping the battery might help to use it with two or three of them.

The more convenient solution in my opinion would be the already mentioned power bank. It doesn’t need to be connected all the time. You can recharge the phone in about an hour and detach it afterwards.


Hier Fairphone 5 Batterie
oder bei Idealo

Any suggestions how to charge two or three batteries at the same time? Haven’t seen any external chargers yet tailored for FP5

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You can charge them beforehand or in breaks with the phone.

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I have a 65W 20000mAh power bank that auto-detects if the device is Quickcharge 4.0 or PD 3.0 capable. I bought it to charge my Steam Deck which takes 45W to charge while the handheld is in operation.

When I connect my FP4 I get 20W charging (9.5V / 2.1A) and can go from 15% to 80% in about 30 minutes. It sometimes throttles back to 10W (7V / 1.4A) depending on factors like battery temperature but it is still rapid charging compared to “ordinary” USB. I realise that it is pricey compared to some power banks on the market but I found it to fast charge anything I’ve connected to it.

Thank you everybody for the answers.
So a third solution would be using exchangeable batteries. I want to use the phone during paragliding, so this is not a solution during flight but its good to have a fresh extra battery after landing.
So, I bought a FP4 with e/OS to play around.
@ Zenith: 20000Ah sounds really great. I will think about a way to keep it permanently connected to the phone, maybe design some dedicated plastic bag…