Fairphone Batteries

What I would like to be considered is if the current Lithium batteries are volatile, a stable formulation be used

  1. Lithium phosphate

  2. Lithium graphene, can be charged more times than standard Lithium batteries, which would be better than having to purchase a replacement battery during the life of a Fairphone, I have two graphene power banks made by chargeasap, which cells made by Panasonic. In other words, not having to replace the battery on my FB3+, saving batteries, resources and waste.

Have you thought of contacting Fairphone ?

I have done so, so far silence.


I guess every smartphone maker at the start of developing a new smartphone is looking at the available battery technology to see what can be done and viably used in a mass-produced new device, as the battery is a very defining spec in the eye of the customer.

I wouldn’t necessarily expect an answer apart from a “Thank you for your input” text block (although it would be a nice touch), but it’s good to notify them of such things nonetheless. You never know, nobody can see everything.

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I imagine Fairphone makes use of standard battery designs/sizes, and simply gets the battery makers to use a fairer supply chain for their orders.
If there are no phone batteries out there that use this tech yet, I wouldn’t expect Fairphone to be able to make an order for them. :frowning:

I have been able to purchase two spare batteries for a vendor in London whom has sent them to :australia:, I think I can make this FB3+ last for up to 10 years, I still have a Hauwei Y300 that I bought in 2013 that still works, that I can repurpose as a talking clock. If I disposed of it I would be throwing away my money.


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