Fairphone app prototype (project AUAS)

Dear Fairphone users,

We are Timo Smit, Fabian Vis, Jeffrey Ullers and Merijn Bakker. For our study Communication and Multi-Media Design at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences we had to make an app for Fairphone Users. Fairphone is a real client of the HvA (our school) and will use this prototype to improve their real application which is in the making. The main goal of the application is to enhance the community feeling with the users and make the users more aware of their carbon footprint with the green challenges. We know that fairphone users value privacy. We made a prototype inside figma and we are not tracking any sort of data. You can test the prototype without logging in. If you tested the prototype we would like to know what you liked and disliked about the prototype, any feedback is of high value to us. You can comment your feedback below this thread.

Ofcourse this is a prototype so not everything is perfect. We would love to hear your opinions and thanks in advance!

Link to the prototype:
:arrow_forward: Prototype - Fairphone Application (figma.com)

Kind regards,

Fabian Vis
Timo Smit
Jeffrey Ullers
Merijn Bakker

Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences
Communication and Multi-Media Design


Sounds good. Perhaps you would like to mark a Fairphone employee (perhaps one you are already in touch with) here to provide full credibility and so people here do not need to have any doubts. If your “basic user” status prevents you from doing so, just name the reference person. :slight_smile:


Couldn’t do much on the prototype, but very pretty. My general feeling is that such encourages consumerism by allowing someone to measure their ‘footprint’ against other consumers. Competing with others only uses more resources.

What would be ‘nice’ is to see a breakdown of the resources used so that a user can see the damage not weigh it against some ever increasing ‘norm’

Not that ‘nice’ ever made for a reduction in use.

So my argument is that the reduction of the use of resources is my goal and focusing on CO2 for example is a distraction.

Have fun

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Thanks amoun! We’ll be iterating on this!

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