Fairphone app and surveys

Some months ago there was an update for the “Fairphone app”. It’s major goal was to provide surveys, as mentioned in this article.

But since then I never got a notification of any survey - did you?

Ok, looks like nobody received an invitation to any survey :rofl:

Just to be clear, we’re talking about the “My Fairphone” app (so under M in the alphabetical list of apps) that allows optional sending of data for performance analysis, and optional participation in Fairphone surveys.

For those who launch the app and then want to leave it without going further than the first page, you need to swipe up from the bottom to bring up the standard “back | home | recent apps” buttons.

To reply, ontheair, I have to confess to not having volunteered for surveys, as yet. Maybe when I reach my first anniversary I’ll be qualified to reply :slightly_smiling_face:

Are there these surveys also available on forum?

Never found any. Not in the app, not in the forum. But they have to be somewhere, I guess, as they have been introduced in this article :wink:

Yesterday I finally received a survey from the app! I answered all the questions.

Today I got a notification again with a survey. They asked exactly the same questions as yesterday and I answered them again.

Some hours later I got another notification and I received the same survey again that I already answered twice.
Seems like there is something wrong with my answers :wink:


LOL ! :rofl: I knew it was wise not to sign up!
But it’s a year now so I guess I’ll have to! :upside_down_face:

I’ve received an official Fairphone survey a few days ago, which directly popped-up on my FP3+. Now, since I was thinking about doing it later, i swiped it away. A day later, i received the same surey a second time, and again I swiped it away while hoping it comes back later again…but it didn’t…
Now, i would have time to fill the survey but of course i can’t find it in the “My faitphone” app.

Does someone know whether there is a link existing to this survey or in general how it could be accessed?

I’ve just found this topic, which is from September 2020 though, but it includes a link to an official fairphone survey: Help Fairphone! 5-min Survey on smartphone longevity!
…maybe this is the same survey?

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I am now concerned by the problem of this app asking me to answer every hour the same survey…

I will make the notification silent but I don’t think it is a good way to do because I won’t be able to receive a possible interesting notification from FP anymore. Does anybody know a better way to solve the problem ?

I’ve the same problem: this morning I’ve answered to a survey on longevity, from that moment on I’ve received two notifications on the same survey

I contacted the support.


I’ve now received three notifications today for this survey. It’s getting annoying. :confused:

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I received the notification to the survey around 12 times today. It’s getting absolutely annoying.

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Hi paddy. As this is your first time on the forum, welcome, but it is just a user forum. With such an annoyance you may like to contact support|at| fairphone dot|com and express your annoyance at this repeated intrusion / exploitation. :slight_smile:

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Got at least five notifications about that stupid (I am being subtle here) questionaire over the past 12 hours.

Fix it. Thanks.

No, it has nothing to do with app permissions. I wasn’t even logged in. Did log in, switch everything on and off again, still got the notifications again.

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I moved your post, just note this is a community forum, for FP support you have to #contactsupport


I got two notifications last night, but annoyingly when I tapped the notification I got a DuckDuckGo search for “fairphone” rather than a survey. I have the “My Fairphone” app installed, but I’ve never logged in to it so that may be the problem?

And I just got another one. So I join the chorus of “how do I make it stop?”

Just in case anyone wants another data point.

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