Fairphone Angels Homepage

Looks very clean and easy. :+1:t3:
How about sorting the heavens by country for more overview?

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That note actually exists:

I think that this requires a lot of maintainance. Of course, it would be a huge benefit, but it is also very vulnerable to being outdated.

Good idea! Mind to open an issue over at Github? :slight_smile:


Right, didn’t see that first.

But “at the moment” to me still sounds as if the idea is that every heaven will offer everything at some point.

All for now, don’t have time to come up with a wording that I like better :wink:

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Yesterday I got a 503 error at the ‘More info’ page. Today the error is gone.

Ah ok, to clarify, the “More info” button links to this topic: 👼 The Fairphone Angels Program (Local support by community members)

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As this new map, including angels list, looks really fine, shouldn’t we now embed it (using the iframe) resp. set it online at:

What do you think?

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I don’t know, what new map you are talking about, but the #communitymap and the Angels Homepage discussed in this very topic are two different projects.

I think that the Angels Homepage should be linked to here: 👼 The Fairphone Angels Program (Local support by community members) I’m still hoping that Fairphone will soon properly set up the domain angels.fairphone.community

Yes, you’re right. I was referring to the “Fairphone angels homepage”.


So is there any reason to not replace the community map by the fairphone angels homepage in the iframe of that post now?
(I mean here:
<iframe src="https://wearefairphone.github.io/fprsmap/?show=angels" width="100%" height="400" allowfullscreen="true" frameborder="0"><p><a href="https://wearefairphone.github.io/fprsmap/?show=angels" target="_blank">See the Fairphone Community Map!</a></p></iframe>

Isn’t it correct that it redirects to https://wearefairphone.github.io/fpangels-hp/ ?
If not, how should it be properly set up?

We need FP IT-technicians to set up a proper CNAME on the domain so that it works like map.fairphone.community. I’ll add you to a PM with @Monica.Ciovica where we discuss this.

There might be problems with whitelisting. Usually <iframe> is banned from the forum and I’m not sure whether wearefairphone.github.io is whitelisted at a whole or whether only wearefairphone.github.io/fprsmap is whitelisted. Go ahead and try it out, I’d say. :slight_smile:


The iframe has been whitelisted. So I’ve now exchanged the map.

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@Archangels @roboe @z3ntu http://angels.fairphone.community/ still doesn’t seem to work. Any ideas?

Actually I don’t know what has been done to make the map work as it does, therefore hard to say why the angels-hp doesn’t. And I’m not someone familiar with web-hosting, either.

Both, map.fairphone.community and angels.fairphone.community are an alias for wearefairphone.github.io.

So whatever makes map.fairphone.community actually use wearefairphone.github.io/fprsmap needs to be extended to make angels.fairphone.community use wearefairphone.github.io/fpangels-hp instead of just wearefairphone.github.io

A wild guess: some web server config? nginx?

I think for angels.fairphone.community to work this has to be configured in https://github.com/WeAreFairphone/fpangels-hp in settings -> Options -> GitHub Pages -> Custom Domain (but I don’t have the according rights to check so you may look there).


I don’t have permission there anymore (see

). @roboe, @z3ntu or @snevas should have the appropriate permissions. (Maybe you extend those permissions to @Ingo and @Volker.)

Done, should work now


@z3ntu could you enable HTTPS for angels.fairphone.community? Otherwise the embed won’t work here:

I’ve enabled “Force HTTPS” now. It worked before, you just had to use the https version

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I have added the missing “s” in the HTML now.

The http version is not whitelisted in the forum. I tried both versions prior to your change of settings. :innocent:

Thank you, @z3ntu and @urs_lesse!

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https://angels.fairphone.community seems to be offline again?